The Querious Fight Club is a group of alliances that live in the Querious region. Currently, they include Imperium Divine, The Exiled Gaming, Drop The Hammer, Vastly Outnumbered, Almost Awesomedot, The Eclipsedot, Nyx Legion, Cold Steel Alliance, Volition Cult, Axiom Vocation Alliance, Catastrophic Experiment, Atlasdot Alliance, RAUMWAFFEn KOALITION, and Greater D.U.S.K Coalition.  The previous iteration of the QFC was set up as a pvp “Thunderdome” for small and medium gang fleets to clash with one another, and who were not necessarily interested in being tied with any of the major power blocs of Eve. The current version exists in tandem with the Imperium coalition which mainly lives in the neighboring region of Delve. Their relationship is not extremely well publicized, but with a little bit of work, we can look at internal sources to help us better understand the relationship between the Imperium and QFC.

Joining the Club

Current alliances that join the QFC do so with permission from the Imperium, must follow the established rules and relinquish any claims to high-end R64 moons. They are also free to engage and be engaged with each other and the Imperium within certain limits. AFK cloaking and camping a particular system at length is strictly prohibited, and they are restricted in the number of capitals they may use in their fights perhaps as a way to limit external attention. QFC members are also expected to contribute to the common defense of Imperium sov. Among themselves, the QFC can challenge each other for individual sov systems by attacking the medium
POS on the lowest moon. In essence, by joining the QFC, you are expected to take sov in a manner reminiscent of the older POS sov mechanics. Elements of this agreement were something I wrote about back in 2013:

“Practice your heavy petting responsibly”

By having the entire Imperium (then CFC) fight each other in organized battles, they could maintain their combat capability without the fear of causing any real damage. The current QFC puts into play some of these theories, but also introduce a lower semi-caste of Imperium membership. As the thread on their internal thread titled “QFC and you: practice your heavy petting responsibly” suggests, there is quite a distinction recognized status that the group has for the greater Imperium Alliance. The “petting zoo” type rhetoric might imply that they are themselves regarded as pets to their patron coalition. One could argue that Querious has become a “farming region” for the Imperium to find content in.

That is not to say that there are not certain advantages in adhering to these stipulations and living under the presence of such patronage. QFC members, at least in theory, do not have to worry about any invasions aside from major alliances as the Imperium is supposed to back them up. In exchange for the R64 moons on their territory, some concerns for these smaller weaker alliances go away. It remains to be seen if QFC alliances have a pathway for full membership in the Imperium or if their opportunities are limited to their current status.


Imperium internal forum thread regarding QFC

Official Rules QFC members must follow

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