The Darkwater Prophet bring news of war and conquest from the dark waters in New Eden’s low security space. Written by the folks at Black Shark Cult, we invite you to read more of their exploit at their official blog.

Late last week, the Black Shark Cult leadership conclave decided to launch an all-out assault on the system of Ostingele, a highly symbolic system for JAWS pilots. As a hotbed of pirate activity, gateway into high security space, and forward staging system for our enemies in Aideron Robotics, liberating Ostingele from its Gallente oppressors would be both tactically advantageous and psychologically important. After all, after beating back the waves of Aideron Robots supported by their XMETA allies for weeks, what better way to bring glory to Lord Jaws than to venture into this pirate haven and strike at the heart of the enemy, where he is strongest?

Our Cultists responded with enthusiasm and we rallied our local allies to the cause, and the concerted assault on Ostingele started on Friday morning. After only a few hours, Aideron deployed back to their staging system and attempted to turn back the tide, but despite even or larger numbers, they did not manage to substantially disrupt Black Shark Cult and House Mijaala [H-MIJ] plexing activities.

Once the assault began, JAWS and allied CalMil pilots stuck with it and beat back Aideron defenders

After some initials attempts to defend Ostingele, Aideron Robotics rolled over and went back to their usual tactics — docking up and waiting until the enemy leaves

Far sooner than even the most optimistic of our Sharkies had anticipated, we managed to bring the system to Contested status. After being crushed in a number of initial attempts to fight back, Aideron Robotics pilots refused to undock and started evacuating their assets from the Ostingele’s stations. Our training in fighting outnumbered over the past months had paid off: GalMil pilots seemed well aware that unless they had double our numbers, they could not beat the Sharkies in a straight fight.

One Sharkie’s response to GalMil tactics during the siege of Ostingele
Once the system was ready for a flip, CalMil Coalition quickly pulled together a 70-man fleet of pilots from all of Caldari Militia. The iHub was destroyed in no time — before either GalMil or a third party could crash on our party, and Ostingele was liberated for the State!

CalMil Coalition fleet bashing the Ostingele iHub with Black Shark Cult Templar TheStarling in the foreground

Initial reports indicate that Aideron Robotics retreated to surrounding systems, where enemy Citadels have been anchored. We shall continue to hunt them down — for the waters of Placid are black and deep, and that is how things should be…

Lynx Artrald

Leader in Black Shark Cult [-JAWS] corporation. Proud former member of N0MAD, REKTD, ST-FR, and E-UNI.