CCP Logibro surprised many with the pro-tip on the EVE-O forums on how to turn on the ship bracket text even if the ship isn’t locked:

Hey guys

So recently a number of people have been asking about how another player was able to show the ship bracket text for all ships on grid in space, not just the one ship that is selected. This option was originally created for use in the Tournament Tools, but seeing that the reaction has been very much “How do I get this?!”, I thought it best to clear the waters and lay down that yes, you can use it and how to do so.

So first, the warning. This is an unsupported option, and if you turn it on, you do so at your own risk. Your client may lag, your computer might crash, your house could collapse, cats and dogs might start living in harmony, crops may wither and die, and pineapple on pizza may be outlawed in Iceland. If you do run into problems while you have this option turned on, you’re on your own. Having this option on is grounds for reimbursements to be denied, regardless of other circumstances. So again, use this at your own risk.

If you’re still brave enough to turn it on, here’s how you do it. On your computer, go to “%localappdata%\CCP\EVE\”. You should see a bunch of folders, one of them will be named after the path of where your shared cache is located, and will end with tq_tranquility. Inside that folder will be more folders, one of each of your profiles you have created in the launcher.

Open the folder for the profile you want to change, then open the prefs.ini file (if it’s not there, make sure you’ve launched the EVE client at least once with that profile active). Add the following line to the file, then save the file and restart your client if it’s running.


Now whenever you use that profile in the launcher to launch a client, all ship brackets will always show their own labels. However, also keep in mind that this option also disables the bracket for your own ship all of the time, and that it doesn’t show the text for pods. There may be other unexpected behavior, so again use at your own risk!

You can turn this option off again by removing the line from the file, but you will have to restart the client after saving the file for it to take effect.

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On the /r/eve reddit one player took a screenshot of how this looks like:

In case you decide to give it a try, keep in mind the warning from CCP Logibro on how enabling this setting will impact your system performance.

Fly safe!

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