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So, what was that Citadel Market Bug all about?

March 3, 2017

A while ago CCP Games made the announcement of the discovery of an exploit within the Citadel trade system which “teleported” items from one place to another. The use of this exploit, of course, is illegal, and CCP Games promptly found the bug and released a patch fixing said bug.

But the question remained, what was said exploit and how was it reproduced?

Well, a capsuleer contacted and told us the story of a Fortizar which went into lockdown after it got out of fuel. As the lockdown was in effect, the pilot’s market orders went into limbo. Also, there was the added downside of – having the Fortizar been in lock down – the capsuleer wasn’t able to dock up either. The next morning the player went and tried to cancel his market orders. Then, the capsuleer explains:

I noticed that I could from another region, so I went over to check it out. Pulling up to the citadel, it was not a Fortizar, but it was Azbel.

I think that they took the Fortizar down and replaced it. It’s in the same location as where the Fortizar had been, owned by the same corporation. But, it presents an interesting dynamic and the anomaly itself. I think the corporation made the switch, but they used the same market service module. My items went back onto the regional market upon being brought online. What I think happened is they took the market module off the Fort and put it on the Azbel. Theoretically, that’s an unlimited amount of M3 being moved in just the service module, inside say a DST fleet hangar.

That’s a hell of a way to invade someone, in my opinion.

Just to be clear, the reproduction steps for this glitch would be as follows:

1. Take a Fortizar in System A and an Azbel in System B, several jumps away – with ONE market service module on the Fortizar.

2. Put the market module in the Fortizar and put items on the market.

3. Take the market module down and move it to the Azbel.

4. If everything worked as intended, the items should reload to the market in the Azbel in System B?

EN24 asked him about the incomplete trade reports when the bug was live, and if this was incorrect?

Market sales are technically incomplete trades; Unlisting them (canceling the orders) would cause the items to load back in its rightful owner’s hangar, only that through this bug it would mean

Do you think this might have been widely used already?

Do I think so? I’d ask what was going on war-wise back at the turn of the year. I submitted this on the 4th or 5th of Jan. I would say yes and ask, who was invading who.
So, with a month and a half of time? I would say yes, it has been used.

Trade Window Glitch

Player Xin have cometh forward and mentioned about another trade glitch – first referenced here – in the name of fairness, here are the steps to reproduce:

– Two players dock in citadel
– One person opens a trade on the same server tick that the other person undocks
– The trade windows stays open after undock, and you can trade anything back into it
-With the other one you don’t need a market – the person in space can travel anywhere in EVE
– They can go to, say, a lowsec station where a supercarrier is parked, dock up, put the carrier into the trade window, both players accept the trade and the carrier gets put into the WH citadel

Well, there you have it, the mystery of the teleporting items debunked. Now, before you run to prepare an invasion force using Viators as your invasion backbone, just remember that this glitch was hot-fixed by CCP Games almost two weeks ago.