Today many players were greeted with unexpected updates on the official EVE Online announcement mini-site. This board is usually the place where CCP Games makes specific announcements about upcoming features. Today two pieces were found by a keen-eyed Redditor, we are not sure if these pieces were intended to go live or not, but still here they are:

New Chat System

In an effort to reduce load on the communications network in New Eden, a new chat system is scheduled to be introduced this year, which will improve scalability and ensure that capsuleers can keep in touch, even when the Tranquility cluster is offline.

Strategic Cruiser Rebalance

One of the most versatile hull classes in New Eden will receive a significant balance pass in this release, as tweaks are made across the board to Strategic Cruisers from all four empires of New Eden.

Both posts have since been removed (maybe some draft that went up before its time) but still, of these announcements the one that brings the most interest to me is the New Chat System and how it would be implemented.

Most alliances have migrated from IRC/Skype to Discord with some even implementing SSO authentication. Given the robust Discord offerings (multiple users roles/permissions, voice channels, low implementation cost) and it’s insane customizability (through bots and webhooks); it will be interesting to see what CCP Games brings to the table beyond in-game/out-of-game interaction (which by itself sounds really amazing).

We’ll update as more intel arrives.

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