Greetings intrepid testers!

Team Five 0 have some lovely things for you for the upcoming release (Currently scheduled for March). We’d highly appreciate it if anyone interested in the changes please go try them out on our test server Singularity, let us know what you think and submit bug reports for any problems that occur. Let’s get into it.


Repair is now available as a standard NPC service in all Upwell structures. This service is provided free of charge to anyone who has access to the Structure. Enjoy!
Undocking from a Upwell Structure with a session change timer will now queue and then action the undock once the timer has expired (As it currently works in a station).


Increased the maximum possible drone interaction range from 250km to 500km to allow drones to be used more effectively against XL structures (This has no effect on the range a target must be from the controlling ship).
We’ve made some changes to assignable shortcuts for drone actions:
– Added a Launch Drones shortcut: By default this will act like right clicking on “Drones in Bay” and selecting Launch Drones, but you can now also select a favorite drone group to be the default target for this shortcut.
– Expanded the “Engage Drones” shortcut to also give the “Mine Repeatedly” command to any mining drones.


Show info windows for fighter squadrons now correctly display their skill and module adjusted values.
Fighter tooltips have been drastically expanded with many additional pieces of useful information.
The fitting window now estimates the best potential DPS from loaded fighter squadrons. (The dps tooltip breaks down the damage coming from different abilities).
Relaxed the throttling on giving orders to Fighter Squadrons. This should result in less occurrences of busy squadrons during high APM usage.
Added assignable shortcuts for various fighter actions (These are unassigned by default but can be set up in the Esc menu):

– Launch all Fighters
– Open Fighter Bay
– Select All Fighters
– Deselect All Fighters
– Launch All Fighters
– Recall All Fighters
– Launch Selected Fighters
– Recall Selected Fighters
– Toggle Selection of Tube 1-5
– Toggle Selection of Ship

That’s all for now! We have various bug fixes that will be included in the patch notes when they are published and we’ll add to the above list if anything else makes it into the release from us.

Thanks and as always happy testing!

CCP Lebowski

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