Hey folks!

Back when we announced the Ascension mining drone changes as part of the mining foreman ship revamp we mentioned that we’d be adding the new Mining Drone Specialization skill to the requirements for the T2 mining drones at a future point.

Adding the Mining Drone Spec skill to the T2 mining drone requirements will have 2 effects:
You’ll need to have the Mining Drone Spec skill trained to level 1 in order to launch and operate T2 mining drones.
T2 mining drones will start receiving the benefits of the Mining Drone Spec skill (+2% yield and speed per level)

Since enough time has passed since Ascension to allow people to train the new skill we’re currently planning on making this change in our upcoming 119.3 release scheduled for March 14th.

This change will only impact the Mining Drone II items, as the ‘Augmented’ mining drones, the T2 ice harvesting drones and the ‘Excavator’ capital mining drones already use their appropriate spec skills.

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