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After some discussion about anchored bubbles and interdiction nullification with the CSM at our recent summit here in Iceland we asked the CSM folks to help get some community discussion going on these topics so we could hear from all of you.

Big thanks to the CSM and to everyone who participated in the threads on our forums and on the eve subreddit.

From these threads it’s clear that the community has a strong desire for some changes to mobile warp disruptors, as many of those topics kept coming up from many diverse voices.

After taking in the feedback from these threads and discussing with the CSM some more we’ve got a proposed package of anchored bubble changes ready to get your feedback. These changes will be ready for you to try as soon as our upcoming March release hits the SISI test server.

Most of these changes were things we’ve discussed with the community before and that we’ve had on our long-term wish list for quite a while. Back when we introduced mobile deployables in the Rubicon release we had rough plans to transfer the mobile disruptors over to the new mobile deployable system which would have given us most of these features for free, but we ended up getting snagged in some technical troubled related to corporation connections (replicating the launch for corp function with the mobile deployable system required more work that we ended up having to cut for time). I’m really glad that we were able to find some time after the CSM discussions to take another look and find opportunities to make these changes with a set of more surgical tweaks.

Here’s the changes we have in this proposed package:

Mobile Warp Disruptors will generate killmails when destroyed.

Mobile Warp Disruptors will decay and explode if left in space for extended periods of time.
The numbers we have in mind for this first pass are quite conservative and are intended primarily to clean up long-term unattended bubbles. If the first pass works out we will reevaluate and decide if it is worth moving to shorter timers someday in the future. Scooping and re-deploying a bubble would reset the decay timer.
The numbers we’re working with right now are:

Two days for all T1 bubbles
One week for all T2 bubbles
Two weeks for all Syndicate bubbles

Hitpoint and shield regen changes:

~10% less HP for T1 bubbles
~20% more HP for T2 bubbles
~50% more HP for Syndicate bubbles
Significantly longer shield regen times for all anchored bubbles, which will reduce passive shield tanking by the bubbles and make destroying them with low DPS much easier

Syndicate bubble specific changes:

Syndicate bubbles will gain bubble range equal to T2
The LP store offers for Syndicate bubbles will now require a T2 bubble instead of a T1 bubble as input

We’re very interested in hearing what you think of these changes. If we go ahead with them they will hit TQ in our 119.3 release in March.


– CCP Fozzie
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