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CCP Games issues EULA breaking warning on Citadel / Trade bug.

February 21, 2017

Today CCP Games has issued an exploit notification regarding the wrongful use of the trade system to instantly move items from one place to another.

An issue has been brought to our attention this morning, which allows players to teleport items and ships via misuse of the trade system.

The issue is currently being worked on and this notification serves to inform pilots that using the trade system to transfer items between Upwell Structures is considered an exploit.

Abuse of this exploit will be actioned as per the EVE Online EULA.

The CCP Games announcement seems to be cryptic enough to avoid giving players exact instructions on how to reproduce the exploit.

So far all the EN24 team has managed to gather are rumors on how the exploit worked.  When used, the exploit, allegedly takes advantage of a bug in the citadel trading/delivery system. Apparently incomplete trades and deliveries  allow you to instantly transfer items from one Citadel to another.  The eye-raising part of this exploit is the fact that – in theory – an entity could dock any ship in one citadel and instantly make it appear on another; like one located inside a wormhole or the far-side of New Eden.

Needless to say – to those enterprising capsuleers considering “teleporting” a titan fleet into their own C6 wormhole – CCP Games has already announced that it will be unforgiving with those players attempting to abuse said system.
[ Original CCP Games Announcement ]