For the past six months, Vendetta Mercenary Group [UDIE] alliance fought a war with a coalition of three rival alliances; Short Bus Mercenaries [D3CT], Archetype. [ATYPE], and Complaints Department [P45] for High-Security Space supremacy. Although outnumbered and outgunned Vendetta Mercenary Group (VMG) managed to practically dismantle each and every mercenary alliance that stood in its path.

The sole survivors of this war (A small contingent of Complaints Department) fled to null security space to rat and mine and recover from their losses, promising that one day they will return and try their luck again against the ruthless VMG war machine. Archetype. are no more, and Short Bus Mercenaries continues to be insignificant.


In the meantime, VMG is open for business. If you are being attacked or your citadel is being threatened, or you simply do not like someone’s logo, contact Khromius or Natural CloneKiller or join the channel VMG PUB in-game and see them being blown up into pieces.