It is custom among alliances to sacrifice a carrier to their newly onlined Keepstar citadel, a variance of the tradition of breaking a bottle over a newly launched ship. This is what Goonswarm Federation did celebrating New Eden’s newest Keepstar belonging to Karmafleet [SNOOO] (Goonswarm Federation’s newbie corporation) which anchored on February 17th in the system of 7G-QIG.

The Sacrifice for the Newest Keepstar in the Delve region

This is Goonswarm Federation’s third Keepstar, the first one anchored in the D-W7F0 system on October 31st and the second one in the 1DQ1-A system on December 5th.

Taking no chances, Goonswarm Federation guarded the structure with what appeared to be a whole fleet of capitals including 20 Titans with force auxiliaries tethered for support during the 15 minutes of terror – the period of vulnerability any citadel enters after the anchoring period had finished.

Speculation arises whether this third Keepstar is a symptom of escalations due to Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] and Circle-Of-Two [CO2]’s presence one region over in Catch. TEST and CO2 have wasted no time settling in following their victory over Stainwagon (SW) coalition in the Winter War of January 2017, with CO2 anchoring a Keepstar of their own in the 68FT-6 system in the Impass region.

This is the 22nd Keepstar anchored in kspace, and the 25th in all of New Eden

*Banner image credited to LavaOrnament

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