Today I was checking my dailies and I came upon what should be one of the most intense propaganda videos ever made for EVE Online.

Warcrows’ recruitment video transcends art to a separate plane of propaganda.

Warcrows is a recently formed corporation in the Eve online universe, we are starting off from scratch for 2017 and are looking for players with initiative to join us.

If you’re tired of being just another number inside an amorphous blob then look no further as we’re the corporation for you!

We have a future proofed and organized structure aimed at redundancy for the casual player with lots of room for growth, we also have a training method to rapidly develop any players experience for solo and small gang PvP, no matter the sec, age or sp level.

We currently operate from high sec, Thera and have access to wormhole space.

“Propaganda Day” a column dedicated at showcasing the most exceptional effort of in-game entities to promote their offerings. If you got or found a really cool propaganda video, send it to [email protected]

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