We are making our first writers call since the past November, yes finally!

Quick recap

Since November, in the wake of the EULA change, many EVE Online third party content providers who benefited from funding via gambling site promotion found themselves short on much-needed operational cash. We weren’t the exception, yet we decided on October to drop out the EULA breaking advertisers immediately, set up a sales team and begin working to establish new advertising relationships with other kinds of advertisers. So far it has worked good enough to keep EN24 in the black while we also took the opportunity to retool our writing process.

Open Call for Writers

EN24 is doing an open call for writers, storytellers, and reporters interested in making internet spaceship news an integral part of their Eve Online experience.

125mil per short piece / 250mil per long form

As a general rule on EN24, we intend to write content as long as it is interesting to our readers. Content sometimes does not need to be a thousand word litany. In fact, some of our most popular articles are the “Watch This” and “Awesomesauce” columns. The popularity of these pieces doesn’t mean that we will stop crafting some of the best battle-reports in town, that’s the bread and butter of EN24.

But riverini, I am not a writer. Still, I would like to be involved somehow

Come to our Discord server and have a chat with us, we will most likely find a place on our team to contribute with whatever skill set you got. Yeah, this means earning ISK too.

Skill Set for EN24 Media

If you are interested in joining our team, we are looking for the following player profile:
– Good grammar
– Discord access
– Free time
– Being active in EVE Online
– A desire to earn in-game currency
– Open minded view on current political events
– We are open to All TZs, all alliances

Job description:
– Write about events happening in and around Eve Online
– Opportunity to interview well-known players.

If you are interested in joining our team, please join our #public channel on Discord or write to our email at [email protected]

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