Until recently, whenever your subscription or trial lapsed you found yourself locked out of the game experience, besides relying on the out-of-game infrastructure provided by your Alliance (Skype / Discord / TS / Vent). While the new Alpha / Omega clone scheme solves this shortcoming; the truth is CCP Games were careful enough to clearly mark the difference of gameplay provided between these clone states.

Apart from that, One of the most difficult decisions a new player can make is when to make the transition – clone-wise – from the Alpha State to the Omega State.

The following videos, part of CCP Games’ own Fight Academy series, clears out the main differences between the clone states provided by the game (and your wallet):

Alpha Clones

0:24 The Alpha Clone State
0:38 The Alpha Skillset
1:09 Ships available to Alpha Clones
1:33 Skill training limitations
2:01 Non-skill based difference between Alpha and Omega
2:35 Extracting and Injecting skill points
3:07 Switching between Alpha and Omega States

Omega Clones

0:22 The Omega Clone State
0:40 Using ships and items in the Omega State
0:55 Skill training in the Omega State
1:12 Freedom of access for Omega Clones
1:21 When Omega State lapses to Alpha State
1:42 Omega Skills in the Alpha State
2:02 Installed Jump Clones in Alpha State
2:17 Piloting Omega ships in the Alpha State
2:46 Changing Clone States while playing
3:05 Subscribing to the Omega Clone State