The o7 show airs monthly from CCP HQ in Iceland and shines a light on the actions of players and developers alike.

On this episode we got to sample some brand new EVE graphics, got a hands-on demo of the new scanning system, checked out some unusual player created ship fits…and looked at all kinds of things happening in the EVE community!

1:43 – Update from CCP Seagull, Executive Producer for EVE
4:54 – Interview with CCP Curtis and CCP Falcon about Fanfest
16:21 – The o7 Report from Hendrick Tallardar
18:36 – Does it fit, featuring player created cruiser fits
26:00 – The News at o7
30:10 – What is the CSM?
36:00 – Re-designing the Cormorant Destroyer
41:00 – Prototype of a new sun
43:20 – A look at the new IGC skins
45:05 – EVE Prosper Market Report
47:50 – Demo of the new scanning system w. CCP Claymore
1:02:10 – Bonus video: Re-designed Chimera sneak peek

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