I did intend to write a stand-alone piece on renting because the interaction is fascinating to me, but the recent article on the topic elsewhere was begging to be addressed. I may have even been convinced not to engage, but the piece in question referred to EN24 specifically. This piece carries many untruths I’ll attempt to correct while also helping detail a more realistic analysis of renting.

It’s interesting to note how opinions change regarding renting among certain alliances and coalitions. There was a time when entities like Goonswarm (Later known as Goonswarm Federation [CONDI]) railed heavily against it as an oppressive system pioneered in part by the big bad evil Band of Brothers [BoB]. This narrative continued until they realized, and quite reasonably so, that it’s foolish not to provide a service people are in the market for while making money out of it. Renting was no longer the slave plantation it was once portrayed as, and the Goons quickly created their own renter empire spanning from Vale of the Silent to the northeast all the way to Period Basis to the southwest. (NCPL rented out the eastern portion of the map.) This was possible due to the sovereginty and jump mechanics which allowed alliances to hold control over vast swathes of space without actually living there.

Since that time the “Imperium” (The coalition headlined by Goonswarm Federation) has had their holdings… scaled down should we say. The entire coalition fits mostly in Delve, a single region. Lacking space to rent out, here enters GSF’s propagandist hack, Moomin Amatin, with this article spreading lies regarding the process. To be clear, the issue is not that Moomin’s opinion differs than mine. By all means, everyone is entitled to their opinion. The issue is the guy has clearly not even done the most basic level of research on the matter and furthermore, goes out of his way to lie about it and EN24. This is not the first time this writer has blatantly lied either. The first time I informed the editors at INN (Imperium News Network) and instead of actually doing the right thing, they only banned me.

Lie 1: Moomin claims that renting only takes places in 0.0. It’s true that most renting is done in 0.0, but to argue that it is only done there is plain wrong. Renting is also done in wormholes and yours truly even rented out space in low security space successfully. This may not seem like a big deal, but actually, it shows the author did not even do the bare minimum research and was more fixated at the narrative that helps prop up his alliance instead.

Lie 2: Moomin claims that “As a renter, you will often still find yourself being shot at by your landlords, especially when transiting to your home systems.” This is completely idiotic on every level and lays bare how uninterested the author is in facts and how fixated he is instead to lie for the sake of his alliance’s narrative. Perhaps you can find a rare occurrence where there is a dispute or an issue of standings not being correctly set. To say “often find yourself being shot by your landlords” is complete nonsense. Knowing some of the people that manage rental programs, that is the LAST THING they want. Just as with any service provider, they want their clients to be happy because those customers turn empty systems into wealth.

Lie 3: Moomin claims that anyone can show up in your space where you rent, kill you and if you want support from the landlord, they’ll charge extra. Now I don’t consider myself a journalist or a reporter and I’ve always refused that title; I’m an opinion writer. But my opinions are based on facts and analysis. So unlike Moomin, I actually did the legwork and interviewed people who managed these rental programs. I cannot find ANY rental program in 0.0 where the landlord charged their clients to defend their space. They aren’t going to stop the 1 AFK cloaker in system, but if there’s a fight to be had, they’ll certainly take it.

Lie 4: Moomin states “It is possible to rent from most of the larger 0.0 alliances. Some have even taken to running adverts on Eve related sites such as with “S0utherN Comfort” (Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST]) and “Rate My Ticks [WERMT]” (PL/NC).” Here he is referring to EN24 advertising. Yes some of them are renting programs. Unlike TMC/INN, we get our ISK to pay writers for their content from in-game advertising rather than advertising non-Eve games. Personally, I find it more immersive to keep things “In the family.” However, S0therN Comfort is NOT a renter advertisement. It’s an actual corp advertising for recruits. Moomin was so wrapped up in his narrative, he did not even bother to click the link and educate himself in the slightest.

Lie 5: Moomin claims that renting out space is “free isk.” Sure the same way ore is free if you mine it yourself. Being a “Landlord” actually takes quite a bit of work, interpersonal skills, and management capabilities. Not that Moomin would have any clue about that never having done it himself or even bothered to educate himself on the matter in any way.

Moomin wraps up his article by recommending people join alliances rather than renting from them. This misses the point of renting in the first place. Many individuals who rent are already in established alliances but want exclusive rights to a system of their choice without the headaches. Some people have limited time to play, or perhaps they only want to focus on industrial development exclusively. Renting is not forced, or anything nearing slavery. It’s an entirely economically viable method.

There is a downside to renting, a sort of cultural stigma attached to it. Specifically, renters are generally not considered good PvPers. In general, this may be true as their interests are more economical. Despite this, a cunning individual can use that assumption to their advantage. Another criticism is that renting somehow stagnates the game. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Renting populates systems that would otherwise remain barren. In turn, renters attract hunters, and those hunters, in turn, create content for the defenders. Anything that puts people out in space more often is generally good for the game’s advancement.

There’s a reason why it persists in Eve, and that is because for most people who try it out, profit quite well from renting. Renting is not for everyone. It’s good to do your own research and find out if it fits for you rather than reading misinformation from propagandists sites tied to a particular alliance’s narrative.