Here are the patch notes for the upcoming EVE Online update to be released on February 14.

Patch notes for YC119.2 Release 1.0
Published on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Features & Changes



  • Improved the multibuy window by adding an 'export from multibuy' option and an 'add order to quickbar' option.


  • Item Crate opening experience has changed to spawning items in the hangar when a node is clicked

Science & Industry:

  • Industry job cost tooltip improvements: The expenses for industrial activities are now easier to spot. No changes to the underlying calculations have been made.
  • Industry Window improvements:  All Blueprints available to a character will now be displayed in the Industry Window when browsing Blueprints. Unavailable blueprints can also be shown, but are filtered out by default from the settings cog in the blueprints tab.
  • Added a 'buy missing material' option to industry window.
  • Changed the output for the 'Copy Material Information' in the Industry window to make it compatible with the multibuy import, as well as, third party applications. The information will now be copied in this order: "ItemName", "RequiredAmount", "AmountAvailable", "Est. Unit price", "typeID" (used to be "typeID", "ItemName", "AvailableAmount", "RequiredAmount", "Est. Unit price")

Structures & Deployables:

  • Personal Insurance is now available as a standard NPC service in all Upwell structures.
  • A fighter squadron launched from a structure will now undock from one of the structure's frigate undock points (They will still automatically begin to orbit the structure once launched).

User Interface:

  • Added an option to reload the ship and fighter HUD to the "Reset Settings" tab of the ESC window. 
  • The "Show Info" windows will now highlight any attributes that have been modified (Green for good, red for bad). The tooltip for any modified attribute will display its base value.
  • Fitting: When hovering over a fitted module, the portions of the CPU and PG that are used by it will be highlighted.
  • Fitting Simulation: Opening a show info for a simulated module, drone, rig or charge will now give you the attributes on the simulated item, instead of the base version.
  • A small tweak has been made to Structure brackets to make the L and XL icons more easily distinctive.

Defect Fixes


  • Tracking & Guidance disruptors now work on NPCs & Fighters.
  • NPC Tracking & Guidance disruptors now respect Weapon Disruption Resistance.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause error messages when moving items into a container inside your cargohold while exiting warp.
  • When a cargo container is jettisoned from a titan, it will now always appear within a scoopable range. (Previously it could appear up to 7km away from the parent ship).

Drones & Fighters:

  • Fighter abilities will now be deactivated if the controller ship enters a forcefield, or if the controlling ship and the fighter are not on the same grid.
  • Fighters will now inherit their parent ship's forcefield password when launched to space. (Note that changing the ship's password AFTER the fighter has been launched will have no effect – it is only copied once during the launch process).
  • Fixed an issue where fighter squadrons would incorrectly use hotkeys other than High Slot 1-3.
  • Fixed an issue where the selection UI for fighters would sometimes show squadrons as selected when they weren't.
  • Fighters: The refueling UI now takes Time Dilation into account.
  • Remote Tracking Computers now work on Fighters.
  • Attempting to assist drones to a pilot that is docked inside a structure will now produce a proper user error message letting you know why it isn't working.


  • Corrected an issue that would cause the rings on planets to become brighter when viewed in planet mode.
  • Corrected an issue with volumetric clouds appearing in non-asteroid environments.
  • Adjusted the decal on the blood Raider Victory skin for the Blood Raider Battleship Bhaalgorn so it is now legible.
  • Re-attached the booster FX to the Caldari Cruiser Caracal Navy issue hull.
  • Adjusted the location of the billboards around several Minmatar stations to provide better viewing angles.
  • Corrected spelling on the Ore Barge Mackinaw registry logo.
  • Reinitialized power to the outer sections of the Minmatar Force Auxiliary Lif.
  • Adjusted the glow map used on the Hive Mother asset.
  • Adjusted turret arrangement on Caracal Navy Issue.
  • Modified the front fender of the Gallente Frigate Maulus and variants.
  • Citadel hangar interior sound should now be completely silent when Station Interior slider is set to 0.
  • Re-positioned the turret hard points on the Minmatar Battlecruiser Cyclone.
  • Adjusted the location of the turret hard points on the Minmatar Titan Ragnarok for easier identification of kill marks.
  • Corrected Minmatar Frigate Slasher mining laser turret targeting accuracy.
  • Adjusted the texture alignment on the Concord Frigate Echelon hull.
  • Stoked the correct fires on the Ore Capital Industrial Ship Rorqual to stop incorrect flame effect placement when the Industrial core is active.**
  • Kickstarted the conveyor belt system on the Ore Capital Industrial Ship Rorqual. Barrels of raw materials are flowing once again.**
  • Adjusted the location of some incorrectly intersecting geometry on the Astrahus Citadel.
  • Fixed an issue that meant that planetary interaction could not be conducted while in the Captains Quarters.
  • Corrected the color of the glow map used on the Minmatar Marauder Vargur.
  • Corrected an issue caused by going from windowed to full screen modes, meant that your window resolution would be altered.
  • Clicking Invention jobs in the Jobs tab should now produce a sound effect.
  • Adjusted the length of the audio used for the animation on the Caldari Dreadnought Phoenix hull.
  • Corrected an issue with audio playing from NPC ships.

** – These fixes have introduced an unfortunate but known level of detail error in the ORE Capital Industrial Ship Rorqual texture files. A fix is underway and will be announced when ready for deployment.


  • Multibuy: Structures with market hubs can now be selected as places to set up orders in the multibuy location drop down box.


  • Fitting Simulation now correctly simulates Command burst and PANIC module effects.
  • Missile Guidance Computers can now be overheated while in warp.


  • An issue where Logut's Keycard wasn't spawning in the 'Snatching the Shaman' site has been fixed, but a Data Analyzer is now required to gain access to it.
  • Disabled direct warping in to the "Prison Break (1 of 2)" site.
  • Removed clouds to improve performance in 'The Rewards of Devotion' escalation.
  • Removed an extraneous cloud from the Brutor Tribe Community Area site to fix a flickering graphical issue.


  • A typo in the Anomaly Training site found in career systems has been fixed.
  • New characters no longer start with the racial frigates skill injected. It is now given to players early in the tutorial.
  • Inception

    • Various UI highlights have been improved.
    • The two operations and involved rewards following the wreckage site (open wallet and first station experience) have been reworked.
    • The end of the experience has been reworked for a smoother hand-off to career agents.
    • Various tasks will now auto-complete under certain conditions, for a smoother overall experience.
    • Greatly improved the ship death and pod death operations.
    • Tweaked some damage numbers to make the experience slightly easier.
    • Reworked the Empire’s Might site and related operations.
    • Tweaked the Pirate Den site.
    • Fixed an issue that could occur when skipping the tutorial right after creating a new character.
    • Fixed a color issue with the Operations info panel which could occur when switching from alpha to omega.
    • Added a scrollbar to mentor conversation windows when the window is too long to fit on lower resolution clients.
    • Fixed various text and grammar issues.

Science & Industry:

  • Industry window: Facilities that are unavailable are again being listed in the locations drop down list in the blueprint tab, when a specific facility has been selected.
  • It is no longer possible to select a container as output location of an industry job, which is too small for the job output.

Structures & Deployables:

  • Added some additional information to the tooltip for access lists to explain how assigning multiple access lists to a profile will always expand the access given (i.e. Override blocked characters that are allowed elsewhere).
  • Multiple Character Training Certificates may now be activated in Upwell Structures.
  • Remotely starting an industry job in an Upwell structure when the blueprint is in a container is now possible.
  • Upwell structures can no longer be transferred to a new owner whilst in the process of unanchoring.


  • An underlying and far reaching EVE code issue has been identified and fixed. This should resolve various issues across New Eden, including the drone window becoming unresponsive, overview entries not updating/removing, ship HUD issues (including a ship's speed not updating correctly) and more.
  • Multiple exploit fixes to make New Eden a better place.


  • The CONCORD Inner Circle has amended the historical record and assigned the correct corporate logo to the Jove Empire's Academy of Aggressive Behavior NPC corp.
  • The CONCORD Astronomical Union Subcommittee on Stellar Statistics has adjusted its records for the central star of the Couster system.
  • Fixed the message which appears when you undock without skills to online a module, so that it clearly states that module penalties might still apply.
  • Some weapon system blueprints which had incorrect names have been corrected.
  • The Monks of Mul-Zatah have insisted on the correct spelling of the name of their order in all materials.
  • Typos in station Clone Bay window corrected.
  • Fixed an error in the Bowhead's traits tab.
  • Notification sent when there are unused skill points changed to reflect this better.
  • Bounty Claimed notification setting label adjusted.
  • Some corporate notification settings labels were changed to better reflect their function.
  • Character customization 'Randomize' tooltip improved.
  • The reprocessing materials have been removed from the Civilian Relic Analyzer module.
  • Quotation marks from the Ligature and Zeugma Data Analyzer module names have been removed.
  • A typo in the Show Info text of the Boundless Creation NPC corporation has been fixed.
  • Some incorrect spelling in the Wallet Journal messages has been fixed.
  • Added missing colons to all mission information texts.
  • A typo in the mission 'Wyrmslayer' has been fixed.
  • A typo in the mission 'Plantation Workers 1 of 4' has been fixed.
  • Some agent lines have had their grammar corrected.

User Interface:

  • Various UI sound fixes.
  • Various grammar, spelling and formatting fixes and improvements have been made across New Eden.
  • Removed the defunct Fighter Settings section from the menu of the drone window.
  • Updated the names of command burst related certificates.
  • Fixed various minor formatting and technical issues with the Fitting window.
  • The Facilities tab of the Industry window now retains its previous settings after being closed and reopened.
  • Simulation now actively represent the module activation restrictions of Cloaking devices. Cloaking devices will not be active when simulation is started and activating a cloak in simulation will deactivate and other modules.
  • Increased the contrast of the refueling progress bar in the fighter-bay UI to make it more visible against the background.
    Copying kill information from a condensed kill log now works as expected.
  • Missions: Ship groups are now listed alphabetically in the ship restrictions window.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the copy contract option to consider your active ship as a viable item to be contracted.
  • The description of all personal deployables now make mention of their anchoring restrictions related to Upwell Structures.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the places tab of the People & Places window to not update correctly after moving to a new system.
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling the addition of multiple contacts at once would leave the client in a state that forced a client restart.
  • Esc menu: "Character Creation Settings" renamed to "Character Display Settings".
  • A display issue with the Data Analyzer compare statistics has been fixed.
  • Fitting simulation: The attributes of a tactical destroyer are now updated correctly in the simulation when changing the tactical destroyer mode.
  • Skill training times outside of the training queue are no longer affected by boosters, as the temporary bonuses from boosters was causing confusion.