Region: Impass

System: 68FT-6

For the last month a war has raged in the southern regions of New Eden as TEST, Circle of Two, and Drone Walkers (TESTCO) prosecute an invasion of sovereign ‘nul-security’ space held by the Stain Wagon Coalition. To date TESTCO and Allies have occupied and secured all Stain Wagon space in the Regions of Catch and Impass thus pushing the front lines deep into Esotaria from the north while allied Phoenix and Vanguard Coalitions push into Stain Wagon territory on a second front from the east.


On Sunday February 5th Circle of Two fortified their holdings in Impass by anchoring and on-lining a Keepstar class citadel in the system of 68FT-6. Keepstars are significant as they are not only the largest structure in New Eden but are also the only stations capable of allowing pilots to dock Titan and Super-carrier class warships. This along with a Keepstars massive offensive weapons system make it a significant base of operations for any owning alliance to maintain control of their regions. It is also significant to note that this is the second Keepstar that Circle of Two has deployed. Their first keepstar, also one of the first in New Eden to exist, was in M-OEE8 and was destroyed by Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition during the Tribute War last year.


The Keepstar was anchored and on-lined under the protection of TESTCO military fleets without any hostilities and the only significant killmail was a Circle of Two Naglafar class Dread-naught that was reportedly destroyed in blue on blue fire. Pilots in the system stated they could hear “You don’t know how many dreadnaughts I can whelp” broadcasted in local right before it exploded.



Video from Yoshiiji of TEST Alliance