System: 36N-HZ

Region : Catch

Reports have surfaced that TESTCO forces are currently attacking the Volition Cult held system of 36N-HZ. Current intel indicates that as of 20:03 hrs (Eve Time) the I-Hub is within one node of being destroyed. This attack is a military action being conducted by TEST Alliance, Circle of Two, Drone Walkers and allies in a continuing war to invade and occupy space held by the Stain Wagon Coalition. The following information has been reported:

  • Imperium bomber fleets are attempting to intervene in defense of the system and Stain Wagon formed a Jackdaw fleet.
  • The system would provide TESTCO and allies a deeper staging system within catch to operate from and extend TESTCO’s capital and super-capital umbrella over much of Catch.
  • UPDATE – At 20:15 hours Eve Time the defenders (Stain Wagon and Imperium) have managed to capture another node and push back to 10%


  • UPDATE – at 20:33 hours (Eve Time) it has been confirmed that Stain Wagon’s I-Hub in 36N-HZ has been destroyed and TESTCO Allied Triumvirate has anchored and onlined their own.
  • Note – with TESTCO now taking control of the 36N-HZ system it is significant to note that this system belongs to the UX3-N2 constellation. The entire constellation, (including HED-GP) a crucial system linking Catch to empire space, has been reinforced by TESTCO and will likely see increased fighting as the timers expire over the next 48 hours.


  • UPDATE – 21:23 hours (Eve Time) – With the 36N-HZ I-Hub now secure for TESTCO it appears that the TCU in F4R2-Q is now being targeted. While the TCU is the least important objective in sov warfare it is important to note that TEST Alliance had already seized control of both the station and I-Hub in the last 24 hours. At the time of the attack is 60% in favor of the attacking forces (TESTCO).


  • UPDATE – During ongoing “Entosising” Operations by TESTCO a Project Mayhem Super-Carrier was tackled and destroyed.  TEST apparently spotted the super coming through a gate in the system and after a series of warp off’s and attempts to cloak by the super TEST managed to get it tackled and bubbled on a POCO. The following conversation with the Super Carrier pilot was posted on reddit.
  1. [ 2017.01.10 21:13:04 ] Saya Nakamura > sup
  2. [ 2017.01.10 21:13:07 ] redvaq > hi
  3. [ 2017.01.10 21:13:22 ] redvaq > are those yuor corp sistem
  4. [ 2017.01.10 21:13:26 ] redvaq > ?
  5. [ 2017.01.10 21:13:33 ] Saya Nakamura > huh?
  6. [ 2017.01.10 21:14:28 ] redvaq > i was not playing for a long time
  7. [ 2017.01.10 21:15:05 ] redvaq > and loged here in a ship that have no chance to dock somethere
  8. [ 2017.01.10 21:15:09 ] Saya Nakamura > welcome back
  9. [ 2017.01.10 21:15:16 ] Saya Nakamura > what ship?
  10. [ 2017.01.10 21:15:31 ] redvaq > Wyvern
  11. [ 2017.01.10 21:15:51 ] redvaq > i want to sell it
  12. [ 2017.01.10 21:15:55 ] redvaq > cheap
  13. [ 2017.01.10 21:16:06 ] Saya Nakamura > oh jesus yeah man i’d keep that cloaked and ask your corpmates or use an alt to cyno it out
  14. [ 2017.01.10 21:16:32 ] Saya Nakamura > i’m not in the market for a shield super but good luck with getting it out of here
  • UPDATE – 22:21 hours (Eve Time) the Volt TCU has been destroyed in F4R2-Q and TEST has planted their own. TEST now owns the station, I-Hub, and TCU in the system.
  • Eve News 24 will continue to monitor the ongoing situation and update as information is confirmed.