Today CCP released the patch notes and expected date for the first update to Eve Online for 2017. The update, expected to be delivered at downtime on January 10th will contain multiple fixes to some existing bugs and tweak existing mechanics that have not performed as well as liked.

Significant changes:

  • Multiple tweaks and changes to the “Ghost-fitting” window including properly calculating drones, velocity, and rig calculations to name a few.
  • Changes to anchoring personal deployables on grid with citadels.
  • Standup Void Guided Bombs, Super Weapons, & Burst Weapons now respect Energy Warfare Resistances.

A full list of the patch notes has been posted below and is also available here.

Features & Changes


Structures & Deployables:

  • Citadels and Engineering Complexes can no longer be anchored within 1000km of a deployed Encounter Surveillance System.
  • Personal Deployables now enforce the same anchoring range restrictions from Citadels and Engineering Complexes as they do from Stations and Stargates.

Defect Fixes


  • Added in a sound effect for when switching between the Captain’s Quarters and the Ship Hangar.


  • Copying a structure fit to clipboard will now include the fitted service module.
  • Fixed the alignment of the background for the mode buttons for tactical destroyers.
  • Added the ability to import to corporate fittings when you have sufficient corp roles.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the number of active drones to be incorrectly calculated when they are split into stacks.
  • Simulation
    • It is now possible to simulate all 10 drones for a Guardian-Vexor.
    • The velocity of a simulated ship is now updated correctly, when the mass changes (for example due to adding Armor Plates) while having an active Microwarpdrive or Afterburner.
    • Removing a simulated module works now properly by dragging it onto the module list.
    • Training a skill will no longer cause simulated modules to suddenly go offline due to CPU or power restrictions.
    • Added support for fits for outdated or deleted ships, so that they can be removed.
    • Drones will no longer appear activatable if the maximum bandwidth has already been used.
    • Fixed an issue that caused drones added to the cargohold to also be added to the drone bay.
    • Fixed an issue that caused rigs in a ships cargohold to be simulated as if fitted.
    • Lose unsaved changes prompt no long appears after saving a fit.
    • Module reactivation delays are now taken into account when calculating capacitor stability
    • Offlining a smartbomb now correctly adjusts DPS
    • Rig calibration percentage now shows are red when above capacity
    • Right click unfit option now shows when in space.
    • Ship hologram now reverts to its default position when reopening simulation mode
    • When simulating a saved fitting, the simulator will no longer attempt to load charges from the cargohold of the fit (Saved fittings don’t retain info on loaded charges, so the simulator was making its best guess on which charges to load. This ended up being more confusing than intended so we’ve reverted this functionality).


  • Standup Void Guided Bombs are now effected by Energy Warfare Resistance.
  • Super Weapons & Burst Projectors now respect Energy Warfare Resistance.
  • Module repair progress is now saved properly when jumping through a gate while a module is still repairing.


  • Corrected an issue with shattered wormhole space effect.
  • Fixed geometry gap on the Caldari Frigates Buzzard and Heron.
  • Fixed explosions displayed by relic and data containers.
  • Corrected a visual error with one of the female ponytails.
  • Updated Minmatar Bomber Hound’s sails pattern.
  • Fixed kill marks layout displayed on the Minmatar Titan Ragnarok.
  • Fixed display of incursion effects in station.
  • Adjusted the explosion sizes on deployable assets.
  • Fixed effect displayed on billboards.
  • Corrected an issue with certain billboards being inverted.
  • Adjusted the center point of the Caldari hangar.
  • Fixed the transparency on the cockpit glass on the Minmatar Frigate Freki hull.
  • Corrected the incorrect texture used on the Amarr Cruiser Zealot engine.
  • Adjusted a panel on the Caldari Cruiser Moa to fix a breach.
  • Fixed hidden geometry for unanchored structures.
  • Adjusted the booster location on the Amarr Frigates Malediction, Executioner, Crusader.
  • Fixed rippling effect caused by AA.
  • Modified Notification, Loot open and Mining completed sounds to be controllable using the UI Interaction slider in the Advanced Audio settings.
  • Fixed flickering artifact on asteroid field particles.
  • Fixed AA affecting lights on certain ships.


  • Singularity: The /moveme command is now allowed when docked in a structure with a weapons timer (To match the behavior for stations)
  • Astro-Oil has been diligently applied to the rotational axes of temperate planets, allowing them to once again rotate freely.

Science & Industry:

  • The industry window updates now correctly with the new blueprint, when dropping a blueprint directly on the icon of the currently displayed blueprint.
  • Improvements have been made to the way industry bonuses from structure rigs are cached, shortening loading times of the industry window.

Structures & Deployables:

  • Added a “remove level in training” option to the right click menu of skills in the skill panel of the character sheet.
  • Fuel notifications for Citadels and Engineering Complexes are now sent more reliably when the remaining fuel drops below 24 hours.
  • Junior Accountants can no longer move items in Corporation Deliveries in structures (Matching the functionality of stations)
  • Jump clones in structures now have the correct right click menu options.

Text and Descriptions:

  • Corrected the descriptions of various skills and items.
  • Various minor spelling, layout and grammar fixes
  • The bilingual functionality popup window is now also showing the word “English” as translated.
  • Updated the description of the GTFO module to include a mention of its warp disruption effect on capitals.
  • Updated the descriptions of Mobile Warp Disruptors to mention their ability to drag warping ships into their field.
  • Updated the descriptions of doomsday modules to better reflect their post firing restrictions (Docking, Jumping, Cloaking etc).
  • Updating the description of the Warp Disruption Field Generators to note the capital ships excluded from its gate restricting effects.
  • Fixed English tooltips on wrecks in Russian.
  • Fixed an issue  where the option “Train now to level 1” on skill books was incorrectly labelled.


  • Fixed an issue where the tactical camera would reset to orbital mode when undocking from a citadel in outside view.
  • Fixed the stargate jump camera so that the jump tunnel matches up with the stargate regardless of ship positioning or movement.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would move while selecting inventory locations when autotracking had been enabled and the character was in a citadel using the view outside structure option.
  • Fixed an issue where the radial menu would not appear when using first person camera (Alt 3).
  • Fixed an issue where the camera could get outside of the ship hangar.

User Interface:

  • Overview settings: Changing the order of columns by dragging the entry for a column is now working as expected.
  • Contracts: Arrow keys now work correctly in the Owner field of the My Contracts tab
  • Fixed an issue where the ship HUD UI would not update properly when relinquishing control of a POS battery. \o/
  • Improved the performance of (re-)loading the bookmarks window (Places list in People and Places) with many bookmarks significantly, especially for jumping with open bookmarks window and when adding new bookmarks.
  • Fixed the layout of warning text that appears in the redeem queue when attempting to redeem items in space.
  • Fixed an issue where undocking from the Captain’s Quarters would cause the view to become stuck on CQ loading while in space.
  • Added highlighting to the fleet broadcast button to provide visual feedback when mousing over it.
  • In Project Discovery players can no longer start the tutorial in the middle of submission.
  • Fixed the display of long bookmark names in the contextual menu so they now appear correct.
  • Removed an extra box that appeared around safety settings when UI scaling was set to above 100%.
  • Fixed an issue where apparel text could overlap in the preview window by displaying it in an area below the preview image.
  • Fixed the button alignment in the LP store filter presets.
  • Fixed an issue where mousing over Omega-only unlocks in the skill queue would close the popup.
  • Fixed an issue where ship tree popups could persist after the ship tree was closed.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to create duplicate options in the Neocom.
  • Fixed various issues with the item and ship preview windows.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect text would appear in the compare tool for primary and secondary attributes.
  • Fixed an issue where masteries would display training times for Omega-only skills to Alphas even if they had already trained them.
  • Fixed and added some Neocom tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where corporation logos could overlap with corp names in the Offices tab of stations.


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