F-YH5B system, Providence region. On the 30th of December at 17:00 EVE Standard Time, 2 Honorable Third Party [THIRD] Aeon super carriers were destroyed by Providence Bloc in the system.

The incident started after a Providence Bloc pilot decided to take his Moros dreadnought back to F-YH5B system. The pilot had parked in the neighboring system after an operation. Hearing of a Spectre Fleet interceptor gang menacing the 8P9-BM gate in the system, the pilot decided to engage the force with his capital, equipping it with high angle weapons (HAW) to deal with the small ships. Using the connecting gate, the Moros broke its cloak and was immediately beset by the interceptors.

This drew the attention of Honorable Third Party, the alliance having long worked in the area, often employing black ops gangs and on rarer occasions using capitals and even super capitals squadrons. Meanwhile, the dreadnought was joined by a Tengu strategic cruiser and another dreadnought, a Phoenix variant, engaged the interceptor gang, laying waste to them. Yes before the two capitals could extract, an interdictor landed on top of them and deployed a warp disruption probe, joined a few moments later by a strategic cruiser which lit a cynosural beacon.

First materialized a Sin black ops battleship, making the capital pilots certain a black ops gang was going to drop on them. However, suddenly an Aeon hit the grid, shortly joined by a second one. The Moros itself stood no chance, the super carriers ripping it apart within moments of landing on the grid. The Phoenix though, proved a much tougher opponent, managing to tank the assault of the fighter bomber squadrons just barely.

However, Honorable Third Party made a critical mistake. The Aeons had dropped not in some random system within the region, but Providence Bloc’s main staging system. Within seconds, the alarm had been raised and throughout the region pilots rushed to tackle the super carriers while defensive fleets mustered. The Moros pilot already brought a second character with a heavy interdictor to tackle the two ships, while interdictors started pouring out of the outpost in the system, rushing to the gate to keep the super carriers covered in a thick layer of warp disruption probes.

The super carriers attempted to escape, burning in opposite directions so as to force Providence Bloc to split its forces. Fighter bombers swooped in, targeting the interdictors and dispatching them. Yet with every interdictor destroyed, more came in. Providence Bloc also used the time to form a capital response fleet consisting of 2 mixed capital squadrons and secure a cynosural beacon on the grid. At the same time, a Providence Bloc mixed armor cruiser fleet arrived on the scene. The fleet had formed for a different objective, but once hearing the news of the super capitals burnt back to the staging system to help tackle and dispatch them.

The fleet quickly swarmed the super capitals while a new cynosural beacon blazed on the field, ushering in the Providence Bloc capitals. Dreadnoughts and carriers landed on grid and set to the task at hand. The dreadnoughts entered siege cycle while the carriers unleashed their own fighter squadrons. The capitals opened fire on the first Aeon, bombarding it with the sub capital fleet adding in its meager firepower. Volley after volley crashed against the ship’s armor, breaking through and damaging the hull beneath. A few more barrages saw the super carrier cave in, exploding in a series of blasts that seemed to spread across its structure before culminating in a huge, bright explosion.

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With the first Aeon down, the turrets swiveled again, aiming at its sister and locking on. Once more barrels flashed with light as the turrets spat their payloads at the second Aeon. It too languished under the constant fire unleashed upon it by Providence Bloc before caving in and joining its brethren. With the second Aeon down, its twisted wreck marking its destruction, Providence Bloc set to clear the field of any remaining hostiles in order to secure its right to salvage. The enormous wrecks were stripped of any intact modules while the capitals extracted safely.

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With the field looted and their capitals safe, the remaining Providence Bloc forces withdrew, bringing an end to the fighting.

The First Part of the Battle, with the Dreadnoughts and Tengu Fighting Spectre Fleet Interceptors

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