Hello everyone,

A new year is upon us, and I feel the need to write this open letter to our new and loyal readership. Having been too busy chasing battle reports to write a proper inauguration post following my elevation to the seat of Editor in Chief, I have decided to use this space in order to express some of my core beliefs and the direction EVE News 24 will be taking in the coming year.

First and foremost, EVE News 24 as a whole continues as it did before, being the premiere news site for everything EVE Online related. We will keep covering in-game events, battles and politics. Hopefully though, we will expand our scope, shining more light to the different areas of EVE Online which large parts of the community are unaware of, or rarely hear about.

Secondly, EVE News 24 will keep its neutrality in coverage. Though we allow combatants and diplomats to post their version of events, the site as a whole strives to keep bias out of its own reports and label opinion pieces as such. We do not take a stance in the various conflicts spanning the cluster but opt to remain neutral.

Thirdly, EVE News 24 is a community site, dedicated to the community. Thus we allow members of the community to voice their opinion both in submissions and in the comments section. That said, if we deem something either widely inaccurate, offensive or just a personal assault, we reserve the right to either reject it or remove it from our site.

EVE News 24 is always looking for new talent. We accept pilots regardless of in-game affiliation, career or opinion. If you are interested in joining our family, you can contact me or send submissions my way. Contact details will be available at the bottom of the post.

Lastly, EVE News 24 strives to better itself. As always we wish for and accept criticism and feedback from the community. We admit that as humans we err, and sometimes articles or parts of do not correspond to facts or are inherently flawed. As we look forward to 2017, we must admit our failings in 2016 and try to learn from them.

Thus, with a new year starting, we in EVE News 24 wish you all to have a good, content filled year and thank you for your continued support.

If you wish to talk to us, you can join our public discord channel through the link here.

If you wish to reach me, you can contact me by the following addresses:

In-game: Salivan Harddin
Email: [email protected]
Skype: salivan.harddin
Discord: salivan harddin#1156
Twitter: @SalivanHarddin

Salivan Harddin is the Editor in Chief of EVE News 24 and a 9 year veteran of EVE Online.