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Battle Report Round Up #28

December 27, 2016

By Salivan Harddin

The past week has supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of a few of those battles:

17/12 Mercenary Coalition versus Bangarang.


Bosena in Molden Heath saw a Mercenary Coalition [MC] battleship fleet face off against a similar fleet belonging to local residents Bangarang. [LOST.] and allies. The two sides met on the Oddelulf gate, where they quickly escalated to the use of capitals, leading to a costly brawl.

Battle report can be found here.

17/12 Scourge. versus Spectre Fleet


L-TS8S in Pure Blind saw a Scourge. [URGE.] Ferox battlecruiser fleet meet a Spectre Fleet Maller cruiser force on the X-7OMU gate. While the former was outnumbered, by the latter 2:1, the two fleets did engage, leading to a surprising result.

Battle report can be found here.

18/12 DO6H-Q Free For All


DO6H-Q in Fade hosted a four-way brawl between a Brave Collective [BRAVE] Maller fleet, a Pandemic Horde [REKTD] Maller fleet, a Spectre Fleet Moa fleet and a Scourge Ferox fleet. The battle started on the outpost in the system before moving to an asteroid field, leading to one confusing engagement.

Battle report can be found here.

20/12 Therabois, The Clown Car and Shadow Cartel versus Drone Regions Federation


AU2V-J in the Kalevala Expanse saw Therabois and The Clown Car [CLOWN] mount a citadel defense against Drone Regions Federation (DRF) forces. Therabois and the Clown Car had a Tengu strategic cruiser fleet, aided later by a Shadow Cartel [SHDWC] Proteus strategic cruiser fleet, against a DRF assorted fleet which included capitals and various sub capitals.

Battle report can be found here.

24/12 Scourge. versus Pandemic Horde versus Goonswarm Federation


The Fade region saw a running battle between a Scourge Ferox fleet, a Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] Talwar destroyer fleet and a Pandemic Horde Moa/Caracal cruiser fleet.

Battle report can be found here.

24/12 Snuffed Out and Project.Mayhem. versus Spectre Fleet


The Tama system in the Citadel saw a battle between a Snuffed Out [B B C]/Project.Mayhem. [16-13] Machariel fleet and a Spectre Fleet Nightmare battleship fleet in the system. A full article can be found here.


Salivan Harddin is a member of V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA, and covers battles across New Eden