Editor’s Note: The video and text below were reproduced with permission from the original creators.


This video is a small project we’ve been working on with Makoto Priano and Elinari Rhodan! ARC is a roleplaying alliance and since the lore side of Eve Online interests us very much, we decided to take it on the next level, seeing how CCP makes The Scope. This isn’t quite the same level of the quality and we are still practicing, but we had a lot of fun making it as a community – we want to make weekly or bi-weekly videos like this, looking for interesting ingame events on all of the game’s fronts and wrapping them nicely with our favorite sort of roleplaying tinfoil. Huge shoutout to CCP Leeloo, methelina and taniyuk for teaching the basic video-editing and recording tips and inspiring us to start this project!

This one features recent lore developments and a small tease of one of our science-fiction projects that’s in the works, as well as all sorts of recent fun stuff that has happened here lately.

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