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Video Spotlight: Adhocracy and Awulf

December 5, 2016

Hello, I’d like to present to you a YouTuber from Adhocracy [ADHC], one of the oldest wormhole alliances in the game. Awulf has been making a video series that chronicles the day to day life of their alliance. He has been steadily improving his editing, narration, and storytelling since starting EvE video production about six months ago.

What’s particularly interesting about Awulf’s video series isn’t the fights happening in the video. It’s not that the skill or scenarios demonstrated in the footage is flashy or overly impressive. It’s that the videos really give a clear window into the day to day aspects of corp and alliance activities in EvE Online. It’s a realistic portrait of what it’s like to play. Sometimes Awulf will narrate a clip of a standard gank. Sometimes it’s an invasion or defense of a structure. In his most recent video, it’s a rescue operation to help some stranded alliance mates get back into their home wormhole. Videos like these help to provide context in a sea of EvE videos of multi-colored boxes dancing to dubstep music.

This type of content takes time and patience to create. More than most other types of EvE videos, you can witness the progress made as the creators learn techniques for editing, narrating, and their overall ability to tell their eve story from video to video. Giving a like and a follow to a fellow EvE pilot putting in that kind of work goes a long way to encouraging them to continue but more importantly it’s worth doing for the sake of enjoying the creative efforts of your fellow capsuleers.

Below is a link to his newest video: