This week, EVE_NT launched a new service to help all community projects in EVE raise funds to run events and community projects called ISKstarter. So far, it appears to have been a success! Already over 20 billion ISK has been raised, with two projects already hitting their targets, including the New Eden Accounting Tool raising 210 million ISK, 2.5 billion raised for the Best Of Us, and a whopping 10 billion raised for the EVE Paris Tournament being held later this month.

The closing of Eve-Bet, Trillionaire, IWI and other services created a vacuum of ISK funding for people running events, creating content, and other activities centred around EVE. This money was often used for providing ships, paying staff, or providing prizes to participants. #EVE_NT decided that the community funding should still be a painless, smooth experience for those that want to support these organisations, while providing a central location for all independent organisations, and so ISKstarter was born.

ISKstarter is a website for fundraising EVE related community events and public content creation. The concept is based around similar crowd sourcing websites such as Kickstarter and Go Fund Me.

Fundraising projects can be created by anyone by using the EVE Single Sign-On login. When a campaign is created, it is set for a certain amount of time, with a specific ISK goal to be reached, and has a unique ID assigned to it. Campaigns are approved by the ISKstarter management group and can be rejected for any reason. ISKstarter is not for personal fund raising, but rather for community related events. Campaigns for buying your own personal super, collecting an AT ship, or funding your alliance’s sov holdings will be rejected.

You can donate in one of two ways:

1) Send your ISK donation to the corporation ISKstarter with the campaign’s unique ID in the reason field. The ISK is automatically set aside for that campaign on the next API pull.

2) Send your ISK to the corporation ISKstarter with nothing in the reason field. This will create a virtual wallet for that character and can be access on the ISKstarter site using the SSO. From there you can donate to the listed campaigns. We are also in the process of setting up a Patreon style monthly donation system using the virtual wallet.

But how can you be sure it isn’t a scam? In addition to having reputable people on staff, #EVE_NT are also making a large attempt at operating with transparency. Veldspar aficionado Chribba will be auditing our services, and they are providing a public API key for everyone to review transactions. Additionally, campaigns must be approved by ISKstarter staff, to mitigate scams or any other shady dealings. The corporation is owned by CSM member Nashh Kadavr, and campaigns are managed by Bam Stroker, Vincent Eneticum, and Tyrendian Biohazard.

You can find out more information on the official EVE Online forum thread and on the website