As of today, Bobmon of Habitual Euthanasia, Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and member of the Council of Stellar Management (CSM) XI will be stepping down as Editor in Chief (EiC) of EVE News 24. Bobmon has served in this capacity for 4 long years, helping to shape the site and its staff as well as using it as a platform to promote the EVE Online community.

Bobmon himself wrote the following statement regarding his retirement:

Dear Readers,

Four years ago, when I was 17 years old I got the opportunity to take over the leadership position at EN24, Sadly I’m here to announce that this journey will come to an end.

After hundreds of hours, articles and chatting it’s time for me to step down from the leadership position at This decision might come as a surprise but it’s been something on my mind for a longer period of time.

EN24 and I’ll be parting ways on friendly terms and Riverini and I have already decided the best way for me to hand over all keys to the EN24 castle. I’m very thankful for the way that he has responded to me stepping down and I really appreciate that he has agreed to compensate me accordingly.

Leading an organization as EN24 can be very stressful and I’ve had my ups and downs through the years. Ultimately I’ve realized that I’m simply burned out of leading EN24 (not EVE, CSM or anything else), yes after 4 years and I’m surprised to admit that myself as well.

EN24 has provided me with amazing opportunities, both in real life and in game such as giving presentations at events, interviewing developers, take part in big ingame events etc. I’m very thankful for all these opportunities and I think that I can safely say that I wouldn’t be the same person today without EN24.

It honestly feels weird writing this and I think I will never be able to express how sad I’m to make this decision however I think it’s best for both me and the organization.

Now, me stepping down from leadership position doesn’t mean that I will be stepping down from EN24 completely. I will still submit content and I’m very excited to see what the future holds for me.

Lastly there are a couple of people that I want to thank:
CCP Guard: When I took over EN24 relationship with CCP Games was very bad. You were happy to talk it out with me and I really want to thank you for help you have provided!

CCP Manifest: You sir are a hero, you have helped me a lot with getting articles shared throughout the community. You got me in contact with real life media and provided me with amazing opportunities such as having press access at Fanfest! Thanks!

Amymuffmuff: Talk about a man behind the scenes, Amymuffmuff thank you for putting up with me and always having my back. Whenever we had issues with staff (especially that one time XD) you have helped me get things smoothed out. No words can describe how much I appreciate your help so, Thanks mate!

Riverini: Thanks dude for trusting me with the keys to the EN24 castle. You gave me this opportunity and I’m very proud at the things that we have done together. Thank you!

Lastly I want to thank all my staff members, especially Tiberius StarGazer and Salivan Harddin for all the hard work they put into EN24. I couldn’t have done it without you guys and it was a pleasure to work with you guys!

Big shout out also to the EVE Community! EN24 is driven by and for the community and yes our relationship might be rocky at times but we can’t do it without you so thanks!

Fly Safe,
CSM 11
Retired EN24 Leadership Duder

Though stepping down from the role of EiC, Bobmon will remain a staff member and an active contributor to the site as well as a member of the EVE News 24 family. We in EVE News 24 would like to take the opportunity and thank Bobmon for all his hard work and dedication and hope that he will continue to play an active role in the site’s future.

Salivan Harddin will assume the role of EVE News 24’s EiC and release a statement in the following days regarding the site’s direction.