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War Leaks: What’s Happening In The Tribute War Now?

November 7, 2016

As the war in Tribute between PanFam (Pandemic Legion, Northern Coalition, and Pandemic Horde ) with Mercenary Coalition and Darkness enters its forty-third day, a long way is still left to go before the objectives set by this is a battle report from yesterday showing fourteen systems flooded with carnage from the on-going war. Circle-of-Two with the help of Test Alliance completed most of their objectives, and won the isk war leaving PanFam in the hole as they lost objective after objective.

It doesn’t end there. Leaks from Pandemic Horde, Darkness, and Circle-of-Two all got around within a few hours to respective alliances.

The first, Pandemic Horde posted an update to their forums about the war which you can read here. Gobbins states that Circle of Two and TEST resistance has postponed the possibility for Pandemic Horde to move in until at least the start of 2017.

Next we have leaks from Darkness discussing their next move in the Tribute war which states as follows:


So onto the next heated topic of tribute. People have been asking over the last couple of weeks what our stance is on tribute.

Officially: We have none really.

Unofficially: I have left it up to the fcs on a case by case basis if they want to be involved on timers then they go.

I am not as active right now due to it being under 2 weeks till the baby is born so I have left it completely up to the fcs if they want to get involved. For the most part I do expect them like already to want to be involved. We have seen some fleets go to tribute with mixed yet mostly positive results. There is no reason for us to officially go into tribute and dick stomp around because the fights are currently plentiful and great to get in on. Why ruin a good thing when it doesn’t need ruining. Right now we have a great FC team full of amazing people who love having the freedom they do, I have no reason to crush those dreams right now as we could not be the coalition we are right now without them. Shoutouts to Evil Cain, Riot, Goborn, Rocky, Mini and Hendrick the jolly for their work these last couple weeks without them we would be robbed of content and fleets. (I know I have left out some but we would be here all day if I had to mention them all)

Finally, last but not least we have GigX of Circle of two posting this annoucement to his alliance earlier yesterday:

Do not attack any MC JFs leaving Tribute. | —– | Don’t atack MC sov structures in Tribute!!! | ##### SENT BY: [BALKA]gigX TO: Member WHEN: 2016-11-06 23:32:49 ##### | ##### Replies are NOT monitored #####

What does this all mean for the Tribute war? Who knows, but it would seem this war is very far from over.