Hey there EVEsports fans, the Alliance Tournament is now behind us and the long wait until the next one is ahead of us. But don’t fret, because the team over at EVE_NT will be kicking off the EVE_NT Championship tonight over on their Twitch channel at 1945 EVE Time. Hendrick Talladar explains the basic rules in this video below:


Based around the experimental “Fight Club” rules, the EVE_NT Championship rules are pretty straightforward. Unlike the Alliance tournament, where much of the problem solving and theory-crafting is hidden from the spectator, EVE_NT Championship is designed to be fast paced and explosive combat to showcase individual and team EVE Online PvP ability.

Each team picks five ships from the tier 1 sub-capital line – one frigate, one destroyer, one cruiser, one battlecruiser & one battleship. The fittings they have to use are predetermined and the only things they can change about the ships are ammunition and drones.


Teams will be made up of a maximum of 15 characters. Players can come from any alliance/corporation in EVE Online. This includes NPC organizations.

This tournament will be run on the Thunderdome community server. Accounts of registered players will be given access by CCP for the duration of the tournament. You will be able to spawn items, ships, implants etc. at no cost. The arena will be tournament standard – 125 kilometers radius. Players will pick one of four beacons to warp from and enter the arena at anywhere between 0 km and 50 km. Any player that crosses the 125 km boundary will be auto-exploded and count as a kill for the other team. The maximum length of a match is 10 minutes. The winning team is one that has scored the most points. Match points are scored for killing enemy ships as follows:

Battleship – 5 points
Battlecruiser – 4 points
Cruiser – 3 points
Destroyer – 2 points
Frigate – 1 point

The team that scores the highest wins the match. Equal match points scored will result in a draw. Winning a match 15-0 results in a ‘Total domination’ victory.


There will be a total of 12 teams split into two leagues of 6 teams; Minor League & Major League. The leagues are a round-robin format. Each team will fight every other team in the league once. Points are accrued depending on their success in matches and teams ranked 1st to 6th in each league accordingly.

Match point scoring for each match is reflective of the outcome.

Conditions League Points
Total domination Winning a match 15-0 4
Victory Winning a match 3
Draw Drawing a match 1
Loss Losing a match 0

The winners will be showered in SKINs and those at the bottom of the Minor League will get one per player on their roster for completing the season. Prize SKINs are the limited edition never to be seen again ‘Interstellar Gaming Commission Apocalypse’.

Not only are teams competing for SKINs, they are also competing to stay in the championship for a second season. We aim to expand season 2 to 16 teams from 12, so only the bottom 2 teams of the current Minor league will lose their spot in season 2, making room for 6 fresh teams in the Minor League in the season. In the Major League the bottom teams will have to fight for the 4th place slot to stay up, as the bottom 2 teams will be relegated to the Minor League for the next season. The teams lucky enough to secure a top 4 slot in the Minor League will be promoted to the Major League for season 2.

The show will start at 19:45 and tonight’s matches will be:

Phalanx Vs Clevergirls
Burnt Out Vs MeMeTeam
Provi-ShotZ Vs Charlatans
MeMeTeam Vs Clevergirls
Burnt Out Vs Provi-ShotZ

You can find out more information at the EVE_NT website.

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