Hey guys, riverini here. We had a terrific last month at EN24, and we are looking to keep the pace, for this we are making an open call for writers!
Here is the lowdown:


We are looking for writers interested in expanding their in-game experience by playing internet space boats journalists. No really, we are looking for writers willing to have fun writing for EN24 and make some nice money on the side.

Here are our terms:
– We pay up to 200mil per piece.
– EN24 is coalition-blind, that’s it you can join no matter what coalition you belong to.
– We allow the use of pseudonyms to protect your in-game persona.
– We will provide you with leads and tips to improve your writing, so if you have no experience no worries, we got you covered.
– Our editing team will make sure your written pieces are beautiful and tidy, so if you aren’t a native English speaker or just an awful English speaker (like myself) no worries, the editor team have your back.
– We are pretty much a 24/7 entity so we can easily accommodate to your Time Zone.

Some requirements
– Dispose of Free time.
– Willingness to earn in game iskies ^__^
– We use Discord as our messaging app, so you will need to be willing to use it (it’s pretty neat).
– Decent EVE politics knowledge is a plus.
– Decent EVE Online mechanics experience is also a big plus.
– Wish to earn some Iskies. ^__^
– Open minded view on current political events
– Aim to write 2 articles per week.
– Openness to have fun!

Finally, I want to make a point of the capacity EN24 has to make some players lives comfortable, either providing them a way to pay for their subscription or helping them avoid the PVE grind, we thrive on the fact that we work as a team whose end-game is the benefit of our EVE Online readership.

We create or locate content for them to enjoy and this, in turn, expands their EVE Online experience which in turn motivates them to creates even more content for us to write. This symbiosis is the one I want to invite you to be part of, so if you are interested, shoot me an email to [email protected] and let’s have some fun!

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