The passing week has supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden. From ambient videos, fake trailers and some hilarious or tense PvP moments, these are EVE News 24’s picks for the past week:

#1 Horde Party by Forrest Fuqua

A nice recruitment video for Pandemic Horde [REKTD], showing some nice visuals coupled with a song that seems to me more than a subtle nod to their culture. All told, just a nice watch.


#2 How to pass the time during an eviction by tiny

The process of evicting an entity from a wormhole is a long and arduous one involving a lot of preparation, logistics, reinforcing towers and citadels and simply camping every entrance into said system. In order to entertain themselves while keeping watch, this eviction crew decides to organize a football match in space. It goes as well as you can expect.


#3 Spaceship Samurai War Trailer by Richard Fisher

A nicely done propaganda piece made by Spaceship Samurai [HONOR] regarding the Tribute war to motivate their pilots. Whatever you may think about the war itself, you can’t deny this well edited piece is worth a watch.


#4 EVE Online – Slow-Motion Super Extraction by The Aggressor EVE

A beautiful video showing a super capital fleet extracting. The view of such a large number of super carriers and titans warping off in droves in high definition graphics set to ambient music is simply mesmerizing.


#5 EVE Online: Beginners Guide To Ship Fitting by sprintonwater

EVE Online is a complex and daunting game, especially for a new player. With the coming Ascension expansion which will see the addition of a basically unlimited free trial period, an influx of new players is expected to join the game. Thankfully, the game’s community is always quick to react and in order to accommodate these new players and help them learn fast, this video was created. Going over ship fittings, requirements, general advice and even showcasing new features in the upcoming release like “Ghost Fitting”, this video is a good guide for those still struggling with such basic concepts.


#6 EvE Online – The Crimson Harvest by goduffgo TV

goduffgo TV returns in another video, this time showcasing the Blood Raider sites in the new Crimson Harvest event which started on the 18th of October. In the video, aside from supplying some amazing visuals, goduffgo TV also gives an explanation of the site itself, its rewards and a demonstration of how to run one.


#7 Cruisers Crew and Voxis Accord: Thursday Night Blops. by War Magic

Often times, black ops battleships choose their victims carefully, preferring to hit wealthy targets for a big payout. However this black ops crew seems to think otherwise and decided to use its shiny ships for a different purpose – busting gate camps. You can see the result in their video.



Do you have any videos that either you have made or watched that you think are particularly good? If so, please feel free to submit them to me on either Twitter (@SalivanHarddin), Gmail ([email protected]) or via in-game mail (Salivan Harddin). Until next week!

Salivan Harddin is a member of V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA, and covers battles across New Eden