The past weeks supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of those battles for the past week:

6/10 La Division Bleue and allies versus Odin’s Call and allies


An eviction attempt in the J131859 system saw two Proteus strategic cruiser fleets collide as Odin’s Call [ODIN] tried to throw La Division Bleue [LDB] out of its home.

Battle report can be found here.

7/10 Pandemic Horde and Northern Coalition versus Circle-Of-Two and Test Alliance Please Ignore


A fight over a Cricle-Of-Two [CO2] citadel anchoring in the AW1-2I system in Tribute saw a Pandemic Horde [REKTD] Caracal cruiser fleet supported by a Northern Coalition. [NC] Machariel battleship fleet clash with a Circle-Of-Two Proteus fleet supported by a Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] Tornado battlecruiser fleet.

Battle report can be found here.

12/10 Vanguard Coalition versus Providence Bloc and Goonswarm Federation

The Battle on Its Two Parts from the Providence Bloc Perspective


The Second Part of the Battle from the Vanguard Coalition Perspective

A battle over the KBP7-G station timer saw Vanguard Coalition (VG) forces clash with Providence Bloc in the 9UY4-H and XHQ-7V systems in Providence. Providence Bloc had a Nightmare battleship fleet, supported by a Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] Ishtar heavy assault cruiser fleet against VG’s Tengu strategic cruiser fleet. The sides fought twice in the same evening, with VG forces later re-shipping to a Rattlesnake battleship fleet.

Battle report can be found here.

14/10 Psychotic Tendencies. Citadel Defense


A Psychotic Tendencies. [TISHU] Machariel fleet defended its citadel in the EOY-BG system in Tenal against a rag tag assortment of fleets, including a Ferox battlecruiser fleet, a Tristan frigate fleet and a Cerberus heavy assault cruiser fleet.

Battle report can be found here.

14/10 Providence Bloc versus Vanguard Coalition and Advent of Fate


A battle over a Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] citadel in the system of Unefsih in Domain saw Providence Bloc bring a Nightmare fleet to fend off attackers in the shape of an Advent of Fate [CORD] and Vanguard Coalition Rattlesnake fleets.

Battle report can be found here.


Salivan Harddin is a member of V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA, and covers battles across New Eden

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