On the 5th October 14:00 Eve time in the system of Bosena, Molden Heath a fight erupted over towers which quickly turned into a one sided escalation.

With multiple new forces moving into the area one such alliance Smile n Wave backed by Ushra’Khan and New Edens Best decided to strike at the heart of the locals reinforcing two large Caldari Control Towers belonging to The Drunk and Disorderly (D&D). The towers would come out in extremely unfavourable timers for D&D at almost 2am mid-week. Smile n Wave knew these towers were important, one holding the D&D bridging Erebus, the other being a capital manufacturing tower which had multiple Dreadnoughts being produced. What Smile n Wave didn’t realise is the Titan Tower also held multiple D&D Super Carriers. With some of the characters unable to move the Super Capitals in time it was a do or die moment.

With the timers being so unfavourable and so many forces fighting each other in the region. D&D decided to reach out to old enemies asking for assistance. Close Allies Bastards of Anarchy was quick to agree to help, Space Marines and Nullsechnaya Sholupen also agreed to assist their old rivals. Flying under D&D’s command the fleets formed in Bosena with Nullsechnaya staying in reserve further down the pipe.

With the call to form given the forces quickly joined fleet and managed to pull together a 50 man mixed battleship fleet of Machariels, Bhaalgorns, Megathrons, 2 Force Auxiliaries, 7 Carriers and 16 Dreadnoughts. Smile N Wave also formed in the system from the safety of their Citadel with a 45 man fleet consisting of Machariels, Bhaalgorns, 5 Dreadnoughts and a single Force Auxiliary. They were assisted by a 12 man New Edens Finest Blackbird support squad.

With the timer exiting it’s reinforcement and nothing happening D&D decided to put pressure on Smile n Wave to form and put 2 Ninazus and a Lif with multiple Scimitars on the tower to begin it’s repairs. As the Smile N Wave fleet undocked scouts picked up a 30 man Project Mayhem Machariel battleship fleet nearby rushing to get to the system to join the fray on Smile N Wave’s side.

The order was given and Smile N Wave and it’s allies warped to the tower directly on top of the allied Lif. With Dreadnoughts entering siege it was quickly pummeled by the immense firepower of the combined forces and exploded. D&D responded warping the entirety of it’s subcapital fleet backed by an extra Apostle on 0 initiating the fight proper. The first few minutes seemed to be a standstill as both fleets picked for holes in the others defences. With the Dreadnoughts still in siege and Project Mayhem soon to arrive D&D made the call and lit the cyno, bringing in the Nullsechnaya capital fleet to quickly remove the enemy Capitals. The fight quickly turned bloody as both sides pounded on each other. D&D decided to primary the enemy Dreadnoughts to remove some pressure on the Apostle which was being pounded by the enemy fleet. With the Apostle only needing 1 or 2 Dreadnoughts to stabilize the allied fleet overloaded to remove some of the immense firepower being produced from the enemy fleet. Barrage upon Barrage smashed the Apostle and he was struggling to hold. As two of the Smile N Wave Dreadnoughts fell the Apostle broke and erupted in a ball of fire.

With such immense firepower on grid by the allied D&D fleet the enemy Dreadnoughts crumbled one by one, the Apostle belonging to Smile N Wave had the entire fleets Energy Neutralisers on it rendering the ship almost useless. With the last of the enemy Dreadnoughts destroyed the Smile N wave Apostle also soon broke. With that the call was made to spread tackle and almost everything on grid was soon warp scrambled by the allied fleet. With no support on grid the Smile N Wave Machariel fleet simply crumbled under the pressure and those that could get out did. One by one they went down and soon the battlefield went quiet and the fighting had ended. Loot was quickly collected and the tower repaired. Before Project Mayhem could arrive the fight was over.

All told the battle lasted 8 minutes with local holding 100 pilots at the peak of the fighting. No time dilation was reported.

Battle report can be found here

Smile N Wave and it’s allies lost 39 ships including 5 Dreadnoughts, 1 FAUX and 15 Machariels for a total of 30Billion Isk.
The Drunk and Disorderly and it’s allies lost 2 ships, both Force Auxiliaries for a total of 6 Billion.

PunkRawk is a member of Deadspace Arising, Drunk and Disorderly.

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