Reddit is buzzing this week with the news that long-time Mordu’s Angels (MoA) alliance member, Mass A Death (MASAD), has broken from the Mordu’s Angels alliance under a cloud of accusations and corporate drama.

In his September 19th Reddit post, MASAD director KAYI Brixius said the following regarding MASAD’s reasons for abandoning the MoA flag:

A few weeks ago a member of NC threatened our alliance over moons. A meeting was held and we as an alliance voted. ‘Fuck NC’ was the final vote and we said so publicly. It was a great opportunity for MOA. We could be who we have always been and have the enemy we so desperately needed. We would loose the SOV we didn’t want, we really only need a few systems, and the fight would burn Pure Blind again. It wasn’t to be. During a secret night meeting moons were promised, knees were bent and MOA was born anew,,, as a NC pet alliance, stewards of their moons, unless of course NC wants them back. It was decided that 50% of all moon isk goes to NC and in return NC will give MOA a NIP and protections for the moons. When asked what the line members would think, leadership decided that ‘We don’t have to tell them’. Massa said he would rather watch sov burn than agree to this deal. Shortly after Massadeath resigned from leadership rather than be apart of this kind of deceit.

KAYI’s post goes on. He conveys MASAD leader Massadeath’s  assessment of the apparent care-bear-ification of MoA, decries the alleged betrayal by Zarek in the form of leaked internal MASAD corporate communications, and finally goes on to accuse MoA leader, Gen Eve, of trying to lure as many of the departing MASAD members as possible away from Mass A Death with offers to remain in MoA rather than shipping off with MASAD. The venerable MoA leader was reportedly on vacation at the time, a fact which Gen Eve saw as more than coincidental when weighed against MASAD’s choice of timing for their departure.

Massadeath has been very verbal about his dislike of the new sov and the effect it is having on MOA. Fleets are smaller than they have ever been and the will to fight has been replaced by the will to isk. Massadeth and I decided to look for alternative alliances that will keep our members in corp happy. A letter was written to MASAD letting them know what we were doing and asking for input. Never did we expect the reaction we received.

After the letter was delivered Zarek got a hold of it and ran to Gen Eve to show him. Instead of treating it like it was, an internal corp letter, Gen turned on us and gave Zarek the order to try and gut our corp. Gen now denies this, but Zarek showed the note proudly to Massadeath.

[7:07 AM] Gen Eve [MOA] CEO: I cant belive he is doing this shit while me on vaca [7:08 AM] Gen Eve [MOA] CEO: hire as many as possible

However, Mordu’s Angel’s member Zarek remembers things a bit differently, and goes on to tell a much different tale about MASAD’s departure from the alliance, and about Massadeath’s  contributions to MoA in the weeks and months preceding the current shakeup.

Once his efforts to influence Gen failed, he started scheming to undermine Gen’s authority by bitching about things publicly and continuously, and also — this is true — post GSF propaganda in our forums as “evidence of truth”. All of this was, of course, under the guise of “just being really loyal to Gen.”

As his influence waned, he was conveniently “approached” by other alliances with offers to leave MOA. Anyone with an oyster for a brain knows Massadeath was actively looking to leave, and his “floating the idea” to his members conveniently the day Gen went on vacation was an obvious play for trying to keep as many as his PVPers as he could, and causing as much shit as he could on his way out.

As you can guess… the day before Gen gets back from vacation he shitposts for hours in Alliance chat to try to convince as many people as he can to leave with him, again under the guise of wanting to “save” MOA. Then stayed a day behind to patch things up with Gen so he could get +10 standings for his move op. Of course, he also mailed me a “heartfelt” apology for stirring things up as his move op was getting under way.

I called him out on his bullshit and recruited as many of his dudes who are more loyal to MOA than he is to join my corp so they could stay in MOA. Let’s just say that for most it didn’t take much convincing. It was sad to see some of the folks go, to be sure.

On one thing we agree on — this is the end of MOA as we know it.

Massadeath — you were good for MOA up until the war, absent during it, and increasingly bad for MOA toward the end of it.

Although KAYI Brixius, Gen Eve, and Zarek were unavailable for comment, Eve News 24 was able to confirm that Mass A Death has since found a shiny new rebound alliance, and a new home with one of MoA’s MBC allies from World War Bee, The Mercenary Coalition Alliance:

Hi Guys and Girls, (and weasels)

its been a great 4 years of fighting the CFC with you. Over the last 4 years we killed over 58,000 ships together. Our corp has stagnated recently, and we voted to try and breath some new life and game play into it. Its time to try some new things. We have met great people in MOA, and its been an honor flying with you guys we will miss you greatly. Truely

We are moving to Mercenary Coalition alliance, which hopefully will give us some new game play to try out. And revitalize our zest to play eve again. They are pure PvP, and fight in many locations so we may see you around.

I would hope we leave on good terms, and may come back in the future if you guys need us.

We will stay in MOA until GenEve comes back from holidays so we can set up extraction standings, and say goodbye.

Again all the best, its been a pleasure serving MOA all these years. We truely have some great pilots and good friends. 07 MOA


Only time will tell what this means for MoA, MC, and Mass A Death, but one thing is for certain: Breaking up is hard to do….even in New Eden.

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