Early on August 11th, at 10:30 Eve Time, in the system of Hagilur Dead Terrorists forces clashed with those belonging to The Drunk and Disorderly, Nothing Sus and Bastards of Anarchy in what quickly escalated into a capital brawl.

Moving around in their new home, the newly formed alliance The Drunk and Disorderly found an Aeon located in a Dead Terrorists POS. Hoping the POS was without stront (leaving the POS unable to go into reinforced mode) they quickly formed a small fleet and placed a single Dreadnought on the tower to test the waters; hoping for the Aeon to either agress the single Dread or to kill the tower. The Drunk and Disorderly allied forces formed a fleet consisting of multiple Heavy Interdiction Cruisers, 5 Carriers, 1 Dreadnought, 1 Force Auxiliary, a mixture of battleships, a Hel and Wyvern

Noticing the single dreadnought on the tower Dead Terrorists quickly formed a fleet of 7 Dreadnoughts and 2 Heavy Interdiction Cruisers to tackle and kill the Dreadnought. They quickly sent over a tackle Proteus and lit a cyno, bridging in their fleet. What they didn’t realise is that the allied forces were already prepared for large targets.

The Dead Terrorists Dreadnoughts entering system quickly entered siege and began to grind on the allied Dreadnought who soaked up the immense firepower of the Capital sized Weaponry. As this occured, allied forces jumped in multiple Heavy Interdiction Cruisers who quickly spread tackle on the Dead Terrorists Dreadnoughts and then waited patiently for the cavalry. A new, non-DT cyno went up for allied forces and multiple Carriers, a Hel and Wyvern landed 400kms off and promptly warped into battle range.

With that the fight began, fighter bombers and fighters launched from the Carriers and Supercarriers like a hornets nest exploding. They burned to the Dead Terrorists Dreadnoughts who started focus firing on the allied forces single Force Auxiliary. The fighters landing on the first Naglfar hit hard. Shields were stripped, then its armor, quickly it began to bleed hull and erupted in a ball of smoke. One after another the Dreadnoughts fell under the immense firepower of the Super Carriers and Carriers. The last few Naglfars managed to drop out of Siege just in time to catch reps from the Dead Terrorist Apostle-class Force Auxiliary.

Both sides kept reshipping, bringing whatever they could to bolster their ranks. The Dead Terrorists Heavy Interdiction Cruisers made a valiant effort and managed to land hard tackle on an allied Wyvern, holding it while trying to gather reinforcements. Allied forces decided to switch to a second Apostle who landed on grid and started the grind. The Apostle soaked up the immense firepower of its enemies and held on.

With that Dead Terrorists made a final desperate attempt to kill one of the allied Supers. Bridging in a support fleet of roughly 10 extra battleships and 5 mixed support ships and 2 extra Dreadnoughts. Allied forces quickly switched from the Apostle to the newly arrived Moros and took it down with little resistance. They later learned the Apostle who was tanking the huge firepower only had 4 Capacitor Boosters remaining before he would be forced to rely on his native capacitor regeneration, and thus inevitably cap out quickly. With the remainder of the Dreadnoughts exiting siege and catching reps from the Apostle, allied forces could no longer break anything on grid and simply waited until downtime landed to end the fight. With downtime approaching Dead Terrorists quickly switched to allied Carriers in a desperate attempt to kill one last Carrier and managed to put one into structure as downtime landed.

All told the battle lasted 35 minutes with local holding 50 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Battle Report can be found here

Dead Terrorists lost 6 ships all Dreadnoughts for a total of 20.8B Isk Destroyed
Allied Forces lost 18 ships including 6 Battleships, 4 HICS, 1 Carrier, 1 Fax and 1 Dreadnought for a total of 13.3B

As the FC I personally would like to give mad props to the pilot Rallye Ray (Apostle) who managed to withstand the DPS of 2 supers and 4 carriers with huge Neut pressure.

PunkRAwk is a member of The Drunk and Disorderly and covers battles across New Eden.

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