On the 12th June a fight erupted in the Okkamon system of Black Rise between Snuffed Out [B B C] and Escalating Entropy [CHAOS]. [CHAOS] are primarily made up of former [B B C] corporations which left following the awox of then blues, Shadow Cartel [SHDWC].

This isn’t the first fight that has occurred between the groups but it is one of the bloodiest and most evenly matched. PunchBug2142, Alliance Executor and Fleet Commander of [CHAOS] explained his version of events below:

We formed after they killed one of our towers and RFed another and they were heading back. They saw us forming, and waited so they could get a fight and it just escalated into supers. The last little bit was a little hairy because two supers weren’t capped up and when we jumped all of our supers out, that’s when snuff dropped their supers and titans in but we killed HICs and got them out.

Along with the above he also stated that they had some issues caused by the new command destroyers. “Rapid Withdrawal, who came to support Snuff managed to jump off our fleet a few times before we could regroup which made it more challenging. Next time I think we will be bringing a few more HICs to try and tackle them but I have to admit they were used well.”

PERUNGA from [B B C] provided me with their version of events below:

We have been reinforcing things back and forward with Chaos for a little while now. For this fight we had reinforced a couple of Cadmium moons in Iwisoda which were due out of reinforcement. The first one came out earlier in the day which we took without any opposition. After the second came out, which we again took, we noticed them forming up in preparation for a defensive timer which we didn’t plan on contesting.

We were formed up in Rattlers and had eyes on Chaos but saw only something light so wasn’t that worried. So this was the cross over period between timers and Raka began to spike so we slowed the fleet down to give them time to form on our way home. We told them we knew they was forming so gave them time to come drop and finally they decided to go for it and cyno’d in and warped to the gate at range.

The fight began with us winning the subcapital brawl so they dropped in triage and dreads which we then countered by dropping at 0 on them. A dread brawl began with Chaos losing dreads to us – though I admit it was interesting with the new emergency hull analysers which made target calling different whilst taking into account the vulnerability time – so they brought in supers and carriers and began to win the fight. Our dreads were called to exit siege and get out. As they warped off they decided to cyno out all supers but managed to leave 2 behind. We came back onto the 2 nyxs with the rattlers and dropped our supers on them but unfortunately couldn’t hold point as they managed to ECM burst and get out.

With our supers on the field we cleared what was remaining and began to loot the wrecks – ultimately claiming the victory. However it was an awesome brawl and I hope to have more again. Props to Chaos for bringing it and escalating.

Clearly for both groups the engagement was pretty costly as according to this battle report [CHAOS] lost 46 Billion ISK compared to that of [B B C] who lost 42 Billion ISK. However, with [CHAOS] being willing to escalate the fight to sway things this time it likely would have taken [B B C] by surprise, but no more. This was proven just two days later when [B B C] set up a bait Nyx in Iwisoda with the hopes of catching the [CHAOS] super capital fleet, but instead ended up with a large collection of capital kills, totaling another 40 Billion ISK destroyed, easily swaying the current war in the favour of Snuffed Out.

I am sure both sides will happily continue the current fighting streak as it provides content for both sides that doesn’t actively result in a drawn out time dilated engagement.

Video from the Snuffed Out perspective:

Video from the Escalating Entropy perspective:

Thanks go to both Punchbug and PERUNGA for providing the information and content above!

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