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I N F A M O U S Supercarrier down in Catch – Update

May 21, 2016


A Wyvern Supercarrier Piloted by Qrusher from Black Aces in the Alliance of I N F A M O U S was caught and destroyed in the system of CNC-4V in Catch by forces from Dangerous Voltage on the afternoon of Friday the 20th of May.

Shadefox from I N F A M O U S  has this to say on Reddit about the situation :

We got baited hard.

Started off as two or three hostile carriers with about 7 subcaps coming in from Querious to Catch. We checked around Querious quickly first for anything suspicious, but nothing looked sus. We then dropped carriers and a super with a gang of about 10-15 subcaps burning there by gate (They were only just arriving when shit went down).

Suddenly cyno and hostile Dreads/Titan bridged subcaps and Supercarrier, and then the Titan itself. They killed our carriers and super before we could do much, and then we suicided dicters to try and keep shit down. Their supers got out as they held field and just blapped any dicters we threw into them, but we managed to grab one of their carriers and a dread afterwards, along with some subcaps.

Congrats. We didn’t see it coming at all.

I did get my own personal revenge for my poor DDed carrier by both probing down and getting initial tackle on the hostile Thanny, then Nag, then Oneiros and Bhaal. So a little silver lining for me.


Comments from Dangerous Voltage pilot Warmeister


“Here’s our side of the story:

About a week ago we got bored of roaming Brave and Pandemic Horde, we decided to take a roam to HED. On a way we were greeted by an infamous gate camp in EX6-. We were quite excited to see an Aeon on the gate and started eating into it, but we have lost our only dictor so it got away. This, however, got us thinking, what could we do to secure the kill.

During the week we have tried to bring dreads close to the action, but they were either spotted, or the target just didn’t want to play with us. All we got was some subcap skirmishes.

We still wanted to catch that Aeon, so a plan was devised to ensure we get target’s attention. As the servers came up the wheels started turning. We have split our fleet into two groups: the bait, and the hammer. First we got the hammer ready and logged off within a jump range from target systems. Once that was done, our bait (few faction BS and logi, plus two carriers), entered Catch and started looking for ratters. About 10-15 minutes have passed as we spotted a Legion coming to us. Was it what we were waiting for? Yes it was!

As the hostile cyno went up, and some carriers along with the Wyvern jumped in, we knew it was on. It wasn’t the Aeon we came for, but what the hell? Main fleet logs in and the hammer drops. We have swiftly dispatched hostile fleet and got our Aeon and Avatar safe in the system.

Then mistakes were made. A person tasked with making a safe spot for the dreads and carriers decided to make it about 250-300 off FAT gate. This mistake cost us a thanny and naglfar, and possibly some subcaps.

The exit cyno was lit, and everything with the jump drive was extracted to safety. Subcap fleet was left to try and save the tackled thanny and naglfar, but as more and more hostiles piled into the system the order was given to wait out aggro and safe log.

gf to infamous, this was lots of fun.



Full kill mail can be found here

The full battle report can be found here