EVE News 24 has been informed that Fidelas Constans has reset the Imperium. Seeking confirmation, we reached out to Jay Maricadie, head of FCON Intelligence and head of FCON’s Newbie Programme where he released this official statement:

“Fidelas Constans is resetting the Imperium. You might ask why we are taking this step?

It’s quite simple. FCON is based on honesty, open communications, and loyalty to our friends. We moved to the southeast not only to find a new home for ourselves, but also with the goal to be able to help small alliances get a start into nullsec they might never have had a chance to do so otherwise. Hopefully we’ll be able to give them an opportunity to grow and prosper, treating them as full allies, and then let them decide for themselves what to do once they outgrow us.

After reading the recent full leaks of the Lemba papers, it is clear to me that we are not blue to the Goons in a meaningful way, and keeping the standings serves no purpose going forward. We are merely a target for recruiting, and were so before we left. Resetting the goons does mean resetting the Imperium as a whole, so each alliance remaining the Imperium will be reset once we have a chance to contact them and inform them of our choice.

FCON is not an enemy of the Imperium, and I never plan to make it one. We just are no longer associated with it.”

This statement was later confirmed by a communication from The Mittani via the Goonswarm IRC that was posted to reddit.

Fidelas Constans was founded in 2009 and is an Alliance full of history. Fidelas Constans originally lived in Providence. After the Southern Coalition had invaded the region in February 2010, Fidelas Constans found themselves without a home at which point they joined the old Northern Coalition.

Fidelas Constans not long after joined the Imperium, or as it was known back then as Clusterfuck Coalition, in 2011/2012 when the old Northern Coalition collapsed. Their participation in the conflict gained them a larger number of the systems in the Branch Region where they remained as a member alliance of the Imperium ever since.

As of April of this year, Fidelas Constans came under attack by the allied forces of the Money Badge Coalition and lost their holdings in the Branch Region to alliances such as The Omega Security Syndicate, Darkness., DeepSpace., The Methodical Alliance, Blades of Grass, and Nerfed Alliance Go Away. Not long after Fidelas Constans left the north to began taking territory in Tenerifis and Immensea. It seems natural now that Fidelas Constans have resettled themselves into a new area of space that this announcement is made.

This announcement brings to an end a 5-year relationship between the Goonswarm Federation and Fidelas Constans and marks the departure of another member alliance of the Imperium.