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Submission: John Bellicose Memorial Day *TODAY*

April 29, 2016

Brave is inviting all of EVE to take part in John Bellicose Memorial Day.

On April 29, it will have been two years since Brave lost one of our best, brightest and most beloved capsuleers. John Bellicose was a friend, a teacher, an incredible man who inspired all who knew him to enjoy this amazing game. John tragically took his own life due to crippling depression. Many of us have lost an Eve friend, lost a player who taught or inspired, lost that wonderful individual who livened our Eve experience. The funny thing is that most of us have lost someone and don’t know it. John was the exception because his mother took the time to contact us and tell us the sad news. Most of our lost friends just stop logging in, and we have no knowledge of their fate.

Starting at the next downtime, roughly 12 hours from now, there will be a cyno vigil held in I1Y-IU, our home system in Querious. The vigil will run until the following downtime. Whether you want to come and honor John’s memory, or perhaps light a cyno in honor of someone else, all capsuleers in EVE are invited to participate.

During this period, Brave will be adopting a “don’t shoot unless aggressed” stance in both I1Y-IU and in 3-FKCZ, which is the transit system that connects I1Y to empire space. Your cynos will be protected by our standing fleet to the best of our abilities. We are asking the rest of New Eden to honor this temporary ceasefire, and to put aside any hostilities when in our space.

There will also be an unarmed POS in 3-F at P5M1 for all to use as a neutral hang-out zone and a safe space. The password will be b4r. We will have people just hanging out there, if you’d like to catch up on things or chat about something on your mind.

Anyone is welcome onto our comms during this time. You just need to have Mumble installed and go to https://manage.mumble.braveineve.com. There will be a public channel open to all called “Cyno Vigil”.

Should your ship be destroyed by outside forces, there are several freeports in the Querious region if you’d like to reship. The following systems near the vigil location have freeport stations:

  • P-ZMZV
  • 9CG6-H
  • W6V-VM
  • ED-L9T

Should you want a fight, announce it in local and we will meet you at the sun in glorious combat.

We hope to see you there. 7o