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Vale of the Silent: Pandemic Legion and Imperium Clash in FH-TTC

March 7, 2016

FH-TTC system, Vale of the Silent region. On the 6th of March at 4:00 EVE Standard Time, Imperium forces clashed with Pandemic Legion [-10.0] over a tower in the system.

The tower in question had been previously reinforced by Pandemic Legion. As it was exiting its invulnerability period, both sides geared up for a major fight.

The Imperium managed to form an estimated 150 pilot Hurricane battlecruiser fleet, though constant re-shipping throughout the battle makes it hard to pinpoint the exact number of pilots it truly possessed. This force assembled in the FH-TTC system itself, which also serves as one of the Imperium’s staging systems, specifically for Get Off My Lawn [LAWN].

As this force was assembling, Pandemic Legion formed its own fleet, a 115 pilot Apocalypse Navy Issue battleship fleet with two triage Archon carriers and a dreadnought squadron waiting in range of the system. This fleet made its way to the FH-TTC system, bridging to the neighboring H-5GUI system and jumping into FH-TTC itself. Once in the system, the fleet chose not to warp to the reinforced tower, going instead to another tower which housed the system’s cynosural jammer.

The fleet quickly set up on the tower and incapacitated the cynosural jammer, thus enabling capital reinforcements to jump to the system if the need arose. However, before the fleet could warp to the reinforced tower, which was exiting its invulnerability period, it had to incapacitate the warp disruption batteries which were tackling several ships.

While the Pandemic Legion force was busy freeing its ships from the tower’s grasp, the Imperium fleet undocked and attempted to warp on top of the Pandemic Legion force, instead dragged by its own anchored mobile warp disruptors. The Hurricane fleet quickly burnt out of the bubbles and warped out to a celestial before warping back in, this time to the tower itself.

This put the fleet quite far from the battleships, forcing it to burn towards them in order to close the distance, both sides opening fire and starting the battle proper.

As the Hurricanes closed in and anchored up with only 30 kilometers separating them and the battleships, their artillery barrages were able to volley the battleships which answered with their own pulse laser fire, melting Hurricanes left and right. A murderous exchanged occurred as both sides raced to clear as much damage on the field as possible. Battleships and battlecruisers exploded in rapid succession as both sides committed to the fight, the Hurricane fleet receiving a constant trickle of reinforcements from the station.

At this point, the Pandemic Legion fleet commander decided to bring in a third triage carrier, as well as the dreadnought squadron. Lighting a cynosural beacon on the field, the capitals jumped in and were given the order to open fire on the battlecruisers. Thanks in part to the Hurricanes running their micro warp drives constantly, the dreadnoughts had little difficulty tracking the battlecruisers, volleying one after the other.

As losses mounted on the Imperium side its damage output quickly lessened, allowing the Pandemic Legion fleet to stabilize and tank the incoming fire. Able to now withstand the artillery barrages, the battleships and dreadnoughts set to the task of annihilating the Hurricane fleet. The Imperium fleet continued to struggle valiantly against the Pandemic Legion force, but ultimately was forced to retreat, the remnants of the fleet finding refuge in the station.

Clearing the last stragglers, the Pandemic Legion fleet then warped to the reinforced tower which by now was vulnerable and destroyed it with no further opposition.

Having won both the field and the objective, the Pandemic Legion fleet then safely extracted from the system, bringing an end to the hostilities.

The Battle from the Perspective of the Pandemic Legion Fleet

Battle report for the FH-TTC system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 15 minutes with Time Dilation not being reported and the system is estimated to have hosted 350 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Pandemic Legion lost 24 ships in the fight including 21 battleships for a total of 14.76 billion ISK damage.
Imperium forces lost 143 ships in total including 130 battlecruisers for a total of 17.23 billion ISK damage.

Salivan Harddin is a member of Reikoku, Pandemic Legion, and covers battles across New Eden