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DevPost: Warp Disruptor and Scrambler Tiericide

February 12, 2016

Hallo everyone!
We’re planning a huge set of module tiericide in our March release and this thread will serve as the feedback location for changes to Warp Disruptors and Scramblers.

Like many old sets of modules, the Meta 4 scramblers were strictly better than T2, significantly reducing the choice involved when choosing fittings. We are correcting this issue on many module sets as we move through them for Tiericide and scramblers are no exception.

We are also making some notable changes to faction disruptors and scrams.
Firstly, we’re adding Federation Navy Disruptors and Scramblers because of course the Federation Navy should make points.
We are splitting the faction points into three categories. Caldari, Guristas, Khanid and Dark blood have the shortest range, lowest fitting and cap use. Minmatar, Angel and Sansha have the longest range, highest fitting and cap use. Shadow Serpentis and Federation Navy fall in the middle. All faction scramblers now have 3 points of disruption strength.

Officer disruptors and scramblers now have the word “Heavy” attached to their name to indicate their high fitting costs, and have had their disruption strength increased significantly to 3 and 6 respectively. With the later Citadel expansion we plan on adding lower-meta versions of “Heavy” points aimed at capital ship usage since extra points of disruption strength will prove useful for tackling supercapitals after the expansion. The officer points are just getting in on the change early.

Here’s the most recent iteration of the numbers:

We’re very interested in your feedback on all these changes. We’ll be releasing them to Singularity next week if all goes well, so that you can try these and all the other module changes planned for the March release. Please use this thread for passing along your feedback, and we’ll be reading.