John Drees of Honorable Third Party presents a blend of philosophy, pvp expertise and strategy in his well made mini-series with more on the way. John Drees is the leader of Honorable Third Party, an alliance devoted to asymmetric warfare primarily in the southern regions of Providence, Catch and Curse.

“There’s a lot of complaining that takes place about asymmetrical combat. The misguided notion that pilots should want to engage on a level playing field against one another. This is simply not the way the game is designed. Almost none of the instances of combat in Eve, with the exception of tournaments or arranged fights have any real rules. They have no maximum amount of participants, and there’s no limit to how completely unbalanced any engagement might be. This is intentional and it’s my strong opinion that this fact should not be struggled against but rather embraced.” ~ John Drees

This series is about more than just helping players, new and old, learn some pvp tricks. It’s also about challenging a particular entitlement mentality that some players have. The universe owes you nothing but it also does not owe anyone else anything either. This is perhaps the core of the message to me and a belief I’ve held within Eve since the first day I started playing. Instead of complaining about your disadvantage, notice the disadvantage your enemy has and make use of it. If an enemy perceives you to be weak in a certain way you can surprise them. A perceived weakness is a strength.

Enjoy as John explains this and more:

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