Diamond Dust. received the declaration of war from Concord against us by Stuhlkreis [STUHL] on February 4th after monitoring another war they were fighting in Siyi was noticed.

As the time fighting could occur on the 5th we started moving combat ships from across New Eden to our home system. On the 5th one of our Procurers was attacked by an Atron owned by NE RD and the Atron was promptly destroyed. As dawn was breaking on the 6th NE RD came to Siyi to taunt us.

At around 5:30am Eve Time(ET) we thew another Procurer into a belt and waited for the the enemies to bite. At 5:40 they took the bait and tackled the Procurer with a Nuet fit Proteus. At that point the order was given to warp in and engage the Proteus. Diamond Dust. warped in 2 Armageddons, an Orthrus, and an Executioner with the Procurer pilot rejoining the fight in a Thorax as soon as she was free of the Proteus’ tackle. We neuted out the Proteus quickly expecting a Legion and Malediction to be arriving soon. To our pleasant surprise two Guardians showed up on grid instead. The Proteus was to remain the primary for dps and the Guardians were to be neuted out.

After 6 minutes the Proteus finally broke giving Diamond Dust a very distinct lead in the war. After the Proteus went down Cahi Smith was able to get a disrupter on one of the Guardians to secure a second kill for the night for Diamond Dust. As of Feb. 6th the aggressors have not logged on to those accounts.

Best Regards and Fly Safe o7,
Naj Panora

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