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Support a fellow EVE player in his battle with cancer

February 1, 2016

EVE is amazing.  A massive universe filled with incredible visuals that draws each of us in for untold hours.  The pages of this site are filled with countless stories of epic battles between massive fleets.  The technology which supports and makes all this possible is quite frankly, beyond my ability to really comprehend.  One thing I do know with perfect certainty is none of it would be worth a damn if it wasn’t for the people.  It’s the people we share this universe with that makes EVE the phenomenal full immersion experience that it is.  Love them or love to hate them, it is the people that bring us back, after all, rats never cry.

I am reaching out to the EN24 community and the EVE community at large to ask for your help for a dear friend and corp-mate, Tyr Carter in his battle with cancer.  Rather than take up a lot of space here with the details I am asking my fellow pilots to visit the Go Fund Me account we have set up to help him with his medical expenses.

Again here is the link to the GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/cancerpwnd
All the support is much appreciated!