Nalvula system, Lonetrek region. On the 3rd of January at 10:00 EVE Standard Time, Imperium forces clashed with Project.Mayhem. [16-13] over a tower in the system.

The war between Imperium forces and the low security space alliance Project.Mayhem. over the moons in the Lonetrek region continues in earnest. This time Imperium forces attempted to remove a tower belonging to the alliance in the Nalvula system, bringing a few dreadnoughts supported by a small strategic cruiser fleet as well as a Jackdaw tactical destroyer fleet. All told Imperium forces had approximately 100 pilots in the system.

The combined force entered the system and set up on the tower, starting the process of removing it. Seeing the lack of serious firepower from the Imperium’s side and their somewhat low numbers, Project.Mayhem. fleet commanders decided to form up, gathering 10 pilots to form a makeshift armor battleship fleet with a triage Archon carrier support. 4 dreadnoughts were prepared as well to battle the Imperium’s capitals but kept in reserve.

With Nalvula serving as the alliance’s staging system, the force simply undocked from the station only to be greeted by the Imperium’s Jackdaw fleet. The two sides quickly engaged each other on the undock ramp, starting the battle.

The first few minutes of the fight saw the Project.Mayhem. force control the field, as the Jackdaw fleet could do very little to the battleships while losing support ships to them. However once the Imperium dreadnoughts destroyed the tower, they warped to the station to render help to their allies. With the dreadnoughts on the field, the Project.Mayhem. triage carrier could do very little and was easily dispatched.

However, this was the moment Project.Mayhem. was waiting for. Quickly 4 dreadnoughts undocked and started engaging the Imperium’s dreadnoughts. The fight rapidly escalated into a capital brawl, with the Imperium’s side decidedly losing as the Project.Mayhem. dreadnoughts managed to bring down two of their rivals in succession.

Not willing to lose the fight, Imperium fleet commanders decided to further escalate matters. A cynosural beacon was lit 50 kilometers from the station and a Circle-Of-Two [CO2] super capital squadron jumped into the system. The newly arrived reinforcements quickly annihilated the Project.Mayhem. dreadnoughts, forcing their supporting fleet to dock up or risk complete destruction.

Thus, having won the field and the objective, Imperium forces later extracted safely from the system.

Battle report for the Nalvula system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 10 minutes with the system hosting an estimated 140 pilots at the peak of the fighting and Time Dilation not reported.

Project.Mayhem. lost 5 ships: a carrier and 4 dreadnoughts for a total of 16.39 billion ISK damage. Imperium forces lost 5 ships, including 2 dreadnoughts for a total of 6.35 billion ISK damage.

Salivan Harddin is a member of Reikoku, Pandemic Legion, and covers battles across New Eden


  1. Eugene Kerner

    113 Goons mannage to destroy 6 ships of their opposing 14-man, multiboxing enemy – still loose 6 ships…

    January 6, 2016 at 08:45 Reply
    1. Bonzikat

      And drop supers on 4 dreads cause they cant seem to kill them with a 100 man fleet. Congrats cfc you just entered a new level of scrub…still cant beat pl droping 10 supers on a lone thorax tho. Long Live the Scublords may you die alone and in your mothers basement drowning in your own excrement.

      January 6, 2016 at 13:24 Reply
      1. Smug Storm Trooper

        The Imperium knows we are bad at this game. But here’s the deal, the Imperium has still created the most inviting coalition in the game (numbers don’t lie). People are just going to get their towers broken over and over again and the thought that we would hold back supers because of e-bushido is a stupid notion. Get the numbers to fight or burn, e-bushido means nothing. At the end of the day loses cost us way less because we are rich. Your best bet is to run and stay docked and lose your shit. We are fine with shooting the shit over coms and burning structures.

        January 6, 2016 at 18:40 Reply
        1. sunbird

          So did/was the original Northern Coalition.

          January 7, 2016 at 07:20 Reply
        2. bonzikat

          Only reason people join the cfc is because they are the biggest. They join because they want an easy win and dont like a challenge. They are also too stupid to realize all they are doing is keeping mittens in huggies and mountain dew, because he doesnt give a shit about them except for how much money he can con them out of. No thanks, ill take a small alliance with people that are genuine and decent. So what if we dont win every fight, they are fun and the ones we do win there is an actual sense of accomplishment.

          January 8, 2016 at 00:14 Reply
      2. waltari

        And guess why they do it…. because they have those ships and they can and you dont, so you cant, so whos the scrub now, hmmm?

        January 6, 2016 at 20:53 Reply
        1. bonzikat

          I have cap ships, and i dont just use them for ratting. I just perfer a game with a little challenge, its more fun that way. All the cfc is doing is preventing their pilots from getting better, bc they drop the caps. You learn more from your losses, not from dropping caps on anything that moves. I actually like getting caps dropped on me. Most memorable battle was when NC drops a bunch of caps my BS fleet, then had to drop 50+ supers. And we still were killing carrier and dreads right under the supers noses…..good times.

          January 8, 2016 at 00:21 Reply
          1. waltari

            I wasnt talking about caps, thats a throwaway stuff, prety much like any other ship, i was talking about supers. I know many people who do have for example a titan, yet never used it other way than as a nerd cannon, so props to whoever is using them in battle no matter the side, same goes for superscarriers. So like you wrote “had to drop 50 supers” … thats common missleading statement, they did WANT to drop them, probably to troll whoever they droped it on.

            January 8, 2016 at 21:00
  2. Just an observation

    Project.Mayhem would do better if it’s pilots actually aided in saving stuff and fighting instead of gate camping no name lowsec > Highsec gates and killing ibis and haulers because apparently they are pro PvPer’s and all that

    January 6, 2016 at 09:14 Reply
  3. GF

    Kudos to Project Mayhem for undocking and giving us content. It was a fun fast tidi-free small ship skirmish. The dropping of the supers was tactically sound. It is not often you get to see doomsdays in a tidi-free environment.

    January 6, 2016 at 12:09 Reply
  4. The_Verc

    Salivan, you really suck. You should not be reporting on anything to do with the Imperium. You should stick to your propaganda for PL. I don’t know why you think that you can report about what any of the fleet commanders were thinking. Your reports are always one sided and usually vastly incorrect. Once again, you really suck.

    January 8, 2016 at 18:07 Reply
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