Leaked last week on reddit were the Imperium plans to impose their will onto the denizens of Nullsec via ‘Viceroyalty’.

Despite cries of disbelief from the community – Those plans were formally announced via the Imperium controlled news site – The Mittani.com with the formation of the Ministry of Foreign Oversight, (aka ‘MiniFo’). This announcment has effectively declared hostilities on the rest of New Eden.

In their declaration, the Mittani accused the rest of the universe to be ‘unenlightened’ and are incapable of anything other than ‘incoherent, screeching barbarism’. The Imperium has officially begun the Viceroyalty programme and is actively targeting groups in neighbouring regions.

The reasonably new Alliance of ChaosTheory. [KOS] which has only just recently claimed 13 systems in Delve and Fountain was one of their first targets. Their conversation between Imperium representative was posted to reddit-

Myravingian > how can I help?
Scooter McCabe > So you are the head diplomat for your alliance, and you reside in Fountain.
Myravingian > Yes
Scooter McCabe > I am with the Ministry of Foriegn Oversight and wanted to talk to you about your continued residence in Fountain.
Myravingian > fancy
Scooter McCabe > We will be installing a Viceroy in Fountain, that Viceroy will be collecting tribute from those wishing to remain in Fountain.
Scooter McCabe > In return they will receive benefits for that tribute.
Myravingian > Who got the gig?
Scooter McCabe > That’s being announced in another news release, sorry no spoilers.
Myravingian > Aww man
Myravingian > You sure you can’t tell me, I won’t tell. I promise.
Myravingian > ?
Scooter McCabe > Nope The Mittani likes to have his fun.
Myravingian > Fair enough, can’t blame me for tryin, eh?
Scooter McCabe > No I would definitely want to know who I would be dealing with in the future as soon as possible.
Myravingian > yeah, something like that
Scooter McCabe > For the duration you will be dealing with me, if you need to confirm any details you may contact Cindare
Myravingian > Sure.
Scooter McCabe > So the tribute expected is 20% of your moon goo, and 2 billion isk per corp each month.
Myravingian > How much you think that’s gonna be total per month?
Scooter McCabe > In return you will receive discounted BPOs, an alt corp to build supers and titans safely in Deklin and jump bridge consultancy.
Scooter McCabe > Sorry BPCs
Myravingian > Sure thing, so yeah. How much we looking at here?
Scooter McCabe > So right now we are just taking good faith deposits.  Your regular tribute won’t start for 2 weeks. Upon sending the deposit you will be in a NIP agreement with us.
Scooter McCabe > So you have 5 corps in your alliance.  That is 2 billion per corp.  So each month 10 billion is expected for the tax.
Myravingian > 10 bill?
Myravingian > that’s jack all man, i make more than that on my own
Scooter McCabe > As per your moon goo, we reconned Fountain. So we know who is working with what.
Myravingian > cool
Scooter McCabe > The Isk goes to TENBX directly.
Scooter McCabe > The good faith deposit is 10 billion.  2 weeks your regular tribute will begin.
Myravingian > 117 Billion.
Scooter McCabe > 117 Billion, I’m sorry I don’t follow.
Myravingian > 117 Billion isk. It’s what you guys are gonna pay us to stop burning your assets to the ground when you come here. Send Mittens my regards.
With Imperium intentions are now clearly out – how will the rest of New Eden respond?
  • Goobah

    “Incoherent, screeching barbarism”… pot, kettle, black. The “Age of Blatant RMT” is upon us… because the kickstarter is falling flat on it’s arse and Mittens needs to pay his minions.

    • Aquarius

      This move really does seem like a desperate move to keep the RMT lifestyle Mittini has going from coming to an end. It just seems too stupid otherwise.

  • fdsadf

    lol RMT empire is suffering. TMC is going down the shitter too.

  • Random CFC Grunt

    Scooter McCabe? ROTFL, the ultimate scammer is in this too?

    • Muul Udonii

      If by ‘in this’ you mean ‘scamming people into thinking they are paying isk for the Viceroy deal when they actually are not’ then almost certainly.

      • Random CFC Grunt

        Touche, lol

  • PhReaKin Stoner

    117 billion a snicker a one eyed midget prostitute and the album from the movie Grease signed by John Travolta woulda sounded better.

  • Dick Hauser

    The resistance will be massive….. on reddit.

    • Homophobic John

      Wish it was the same in game

  • Deltaguy

    Its world aids day so i think its only right we recognize the aids of eve, First i would like to thank fatigue since it truely is the HIV of eve, and goons which are the full blown aids of eve.

  • Flacwby

    FINALLY someone is generating content in Eve. You go Mittens.

    • Lol at goon slave

      Shut up pleb

    • Cloakycamper

      it isn’t polite to talk with your mouth full. Ask Mittens to quickly pull it out your mouth and then talk again.

  • Alison King

    its an alliance scam

  • The14th

    I still gotta see a deployment before I believe this isn’t just a Goon scam.

    • Ogast

      Scooter is just scamming as per norm.

  • Deifirtep

    Its scam even if they do a deployment.
    Its always a scam.

    But I like Myra’s nose thumb at the cfc agent.

  • Mad

    Scooter McCabe is one of their celebrated scammers…

    • Lovarius

      Can’t be that celebrated now if he is getting taken to the wood shed with Chaos posting his logs.

    • Paddok

      and if its just a skam way did Alex aprove of it and post it on his cash cow Mittany.com oooo right they love newbis

  • nick

    Goonies are now wanna be scientologist.
    Only the the weak mined fall for shit like that.

    • 10yrBitterVet

      Only if Mittens issues an edict to all the line members to go out and buy 20 copies, each, of the “Fountain” book. Which, of course, he will. Somebody has to pay the bills until the “Viceroyalty” income gets juicy.

  • noob skillet

    lol latest recruitment scam. nice try, cant fool us twice. People actually still fall for this shit?

  • Urban Farmboy

    Saw this on Reddit, had no idea it was a real thing. If that is the case isn’t a diplomat posting logs considered a no-no?

    • Dracvlad

      You call that diplomatic logs, Scooter McCabe is a scammer, its the logs of an attempted scam nothing more than that.

  • Johann

    That’s the beauty of it. If it fails Mittens can just claim is was just a joke.

  • imperium grunt

    i am thrilled with this outcome as a member of the imperium. however, 117 billion? how short sited can you be? the imperial SIG’s are going to lose more then that just shooting them. oh, and we will enjoy it too.

    • abc

      Exactly. A week ago ncdot killed a cfc tower with a titan building and another with a super with a 50 man ishtar fleet. Cfc never undocked. That’s more than 117 bil of burnt assets right there. The best part was, the titan tower was unstroited. Anyone who can put together 3 dreads to drop can manage to do the same.

      The key is to sideline the 1k man blobs, and go after assets. Your 50 man fleet can go through a wh and be on the opposite side of CFC space in minutes to kill assets, while their 1k man blob gets to blueball.

  • Bla5to Frigate

    Whatever you do….. do not go to Mattani’s .com to check on this…… it helps his business by driving web visits…… boycott entirely!

    • Deadspace Hoarding Dragon

      No worries, I has adblocks :3

  • DoctorBored

    This is hilarious. I’m a new player and I still see the futility of this. Goonswarm versus everyone else in Eve? Best case scenario, the Russians in the game start nationalizing again in response and the Goons are taken out by superior numbers and military tactics and Mittani is reduced to Wal-Mart greeter.

    • Jachim Soyer

      While I have no love for the goons and their blue donuts, don’t dare underestimate them. They’ve survived half of Eve trying to obliterate them before.

      • NoirWolf

        If SirMolle comes back with ReBoB or something and starts whelping expensive ships again I may just resub to the game to see that in my dingy old Anathema (that’s been alive and kicking since the last Great War).

  • Vaximillian

    While many bitch and moan about the jump fatigue changes with Phoebe having a great deal to do with declining server numbers the server numbers had actually started to fall well before that major change. The Blue Donut is what bored enough people out of their skulls and pushed them away from EVE. Anyone who signs on to some sort of scenario like this fails to remember the recent history of this game and how rental empires, fake wars and the Blue Donut crippled EVE. EVE wasn’t damaged by CCP NEARLY as much as it was by players who figured they would just cave and pay someone an in-game fee for playing so they could carebear in peace or exist in the Matrix where they thought they were actually getting “pvp” fighting in staged conflicts for one of 2 sides that made bank providing people with the latest “doctrines” … at a nice markup from Jita of course. Why would anyone pay 1 ISK to a group that has claimed for YEARS that their outright intent was to make it where people no longer wanted to even log in and play the game anymore. And looking at the last couple of years in EVE history I guess Goons accomplished that among server numbers by the thousands. Grats.

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    Scooter is an unsung hero of Eve.

    This, hopefully, will be good fun.

    • Dracvlad

      This whole things smacks of desperation by the Goons who have a much reduced capacity through boredom, it just needs a yawn and a “oh really!” reply.

      This will be amusing all these Goons going out to grind stuff, but will be funny if certain groups pick off the odd Goon fleet or two but blue ball them most of the time, here is hoping fingers crossed and all that.

      But if the Goons really think that this will develop a grand coalition against them, that is laughable, your hope is misplaced…

      Scooter is a scammer which is an Eve hero profession, lol.

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        I don’t expect a grand coalition, what I’m hoping is they’ll move to low sec and there will be some nice fights.

        Scooter is one the many Eve characters which make me chuckle.

        I don’t take this game too seriously so can enjoy this stuff.

        • ViceroyMyAss

          Oh come on..Is anyone really expecting Goons to move into low sec? Since the early goons died out, the CFC is either blueballing in Null or alt trolling in HS. Everything they plan has one or more fail-safes.

          Low sec needs a new strategy and this “blah blah..Viceroys..blah blah blah..Marttini..blah blah..reasons” doesn’t look like much rather than a desperate attempt to make a statement.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            I don’t think they’ll move, I’m sure they could handle grinding some moons.

  • Orbita500

    shittani can only produce shit ideas, like this one.
    well done Myravingian

  • Kinizsi -FGC-

    Fountain Core residents got mail from Scooter Mccabe on 2015.11.22. with the same topic. Chaos Theory arrived a few days later to Fountain, so Scooter found them a bit later. They weren’t the first targets to this scam actually they were the last. Everyone turned Scooter down. I hope theese are not just empty threats, and we’d finally see Goons pouring to the Fountain meat grinder once again.

  • Boboro

    Coming Soon(tm) to Eve nullsec – Imperium – we’ll suck your dick for ISK.

  • Drogo Drogos

    We could hire PL and swipe trough nullsec and meet in the middle.

    • iluvlamp

      Except the moment pl comes up against a little resistance they bail or start shooting their employer.

      • Drogo Drogos

        What resistance ? like the mighty Nulli Secunda who abandoned ship and was fleeing faster then the renters ?

        Come on there is only shit alliances left that all in some form or way bailed out instead of fighting or even betray their ally’s. (Hai NCdock throwing Darkness. in front of the bus)

        Thats why you dont see any coalition strong enough to fight us.
        They all bluff and run away when the killboard starts bleeding red.

        • butts_hats

          i disliked nulli, but after B-R only PL and NCdot ran faster than light.

          • Greedy

            NCdot ran after B-R ? as far i can remember they took even more space then they had before.

          • butts_hats

            they picked up more space than before after CFC decided to end the war and PL started to kick out some allies they decided they didn’t perform well enough in the war.

  • Freelancer117

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
    ― Carl Sagan

    source: http://i.imgur.com/DEAK3eX.jpg

    Regards, a Freelancer

    PS: remember who you are dealing with, mittens the leader of Something Awfull forum ingame trolls

  • ncdotgrunt

    Myravingian’s reply is class!
    We killed more than 117bn with a 50 man ishtar fleet killing a cfc titan in build.
    As long as everyone chips away at assets like this and side step the 1000 man blobs, when they form stand down and let them blue ball.
    DENY CFC CONTENT! Let them be victims of sucking at the goon tit

  • nullbear

    God dammit don’t be retarded for once. Scooter is one of Eve’s best known scammers… this has nothing to do with the Viceroyalty initiative

  • Fartolio

    117. ANR-K forever.

  • ncgrunt

    Myravingian’s reply is class!
    We killed more than 117bn with a 50 man ishtar fleet killing a cfc titan in build.
    As long as everyone chips away at assets like this and side step the 1000 man blobs, when they form stand down and let them blue ball.
    DENY CFC CONTENT! Let them be victims of sucking at the goon tit

    • .

      its not like you guys ever would have provided any content? even in dronelands all you were capable of was showing up after the fight was over xD

    • well

      *sucking at content. (fixed)

  • Frans Bovens

    the districts are there too provide goods for the imperuim, in return peace , order and security is provided………. mmh where did i hear that before, all is missing is the sacrifice of a first born every now and then or be the victim in some silly wargames… mmhhh sounds all so familiar. i think “if we burn, you burn” and “i am spartacus” fits this better. the only thing is missing is that all districts are forced too buy a certain book… gonna be fun atleats somethign is happening finally

  • hurr

    Do you even know who Scooter Mccabe is? LOL Maybe you should have done a Google search before putting this up on the website.

  • Codo

    When did CFC become RP losers?

    • the Man

      since they wanted to make $$$ in RL

  • General Aleksandr

    Death to crazy bees! Imeprium, why don’t u go to test server and dominate on it? Why people need to pay u because u want these space and territory? U’re living in one of the most reach for r64 moons region and u want more ????? People of New edem, looks like The Imperium are new DRF. This must be fixed. Wake up all, together we will annihilate these crazy bees!

    • eStar

      Please do it, fight us, or you are only another chat warrior?

    • .

      we kinda not there there for space and territory… we’re there to figure out if those big mouthing trashtalkers from localchat stick to their words and actually gonna deliver at some point…and i don’t mean ISK, i mean a fight. Horde already failed in this pretty bad….

  • random scrub

    if i were the mutani i would pay them the 117 bil

    • MotherlandHeroX

      In Goons EVE the Mattani never pays.

      You pay the Mattani !!

      • lol

        I say it’s time for Metteni to pay!

  • bobbins

    Scooter is scamming. This had nothing to do with the Emporium.

  • kill the Imperium


  • Tora Bushido

    For only 750M/week we will war dec any Emporiam alliance. Much cheaper, more tears and lot’s of lolz.

    • Tora is useless

      You are useless

    • Burton

      Spent 2 years in SMA ran a jf for 1.5 years of that all while under war Dec.did bother me none so how does a Dec help?

    • eStar

      You cant do any real damage in hisec.

    • ChaosRebornB9

      I just send you 1.000 ISK to ship spin in station. Oh and gate jump in hs. Have fun with it.

    • .

      you might wanna consider real Pvp and not camping tradehubs 95% if us do not care about anyway ^^

    • Sylphinja the Dark Rose

      At least you could spell things correctly. Troll post, would not pay 0/10

  • gaga


  • Alogatas

    Meh. No surprises here.
    Most of provi CEO’s got a convo during the “invasion” to give ISK in exchange for their systems to be “spared”.

    Once low, you can always go lower just to prove it can be done. 😛

    • Heimdall Midgard

      No convo for me. Dont know this from any other of the alliance Ceos. So troll.

  • Whitehalo117

    Hide your supers, hide your ratting carriers, hide you’re Snoobies this guy is burning everything out here!

  • Evilsp00n

    It’s time the Imperium came to an end.
    Thinking – in 2 weeks we all rally on Myravingian and see his 117 Billion ISK is received & that the Imperium receives a good united-hiding!

    ANZACo is game!


    • .

      run and dock is what you talking about when you mention Myravingian i guess? The usual show…

  • The resistance can not organize efficiently because of the current system of anonymous alts.

    Infiltration by neutral alts from power players is going to castrate any attempt to wrestle control from the existing powers, or fight them. You can cast a useful vote on CSM XI by voting for me and show that you support showing players allegiances through their alts by making all alts of the same player linked publicly (while keeping the player anonymous of course).

    The current situation amounts to a WWII “what-if” analogy: What if nazi officials had been able to fully control perfect french speaking people to infiltrate the french resistance movements. No risks of double agents, easy access to vital information, and in the end the total annihilation of any form of armed insurrection. Do you accept this for New Eden?

    • Noisrevbus

      The API already links characters, if you’re asking for multiple accounts to be linked that’s going to be difficult due to the bazaar. Players can start accounts on unrelated names and adresses and given the market nature of plex, characters and accounts they will change both hands and places. Location tracing is unreliable at best and the players you’re the most interested in restricting will be the ones most apt at bypassing whatever system you have in mind. While I can sympathize with your position, the approach is either unattainable or risks a more negative outcome than the intended positives.

      • My suggestion is a simple change of EULA, requiring all players to link their alts from all accounts publicly (not just within one account). Of course some will not, but then there will be a risk to do so, as breaking EULA terms may get accounts banned. Right now, there are no risks and a free range to use these anonymous alts by the power players. We have been stuck with the same power groups for a few years now, and who in their right mind today start a corp with people they do not know already in real life? This is one of the reasons why the public NPSI fleet generates so much interests, because there are little risks to players’assets other than the ship they are flying, and they will not going to upset any political balances.. The only way things will change is defectors from inside the existing groups, which are existing power players seeing an opening, but no recent/new group will be able to rise by themselves to try to upset the balance until players’ true loyalties and history in-game are more visible than they currently are.

    • Goobah

      … and the player community will, by and large, respond with a big, fat “fuck that shit” — and subscriptions will take another slide. Why ? Because EVE is an evil, gritty, bastard of a place and that’s by deliberate design. You can’t expect CCP to change that by requiring players to be “honest” and declare their alts. Well, maybe if DISNEY buys CCP and decides the game needs ponies and leprechauns and rainbows to widen it’s customer demographic. o.O — at which point we’re all fucked.

  • Nasopraso

    Scooter McCabe can touch my sword!

  • Candyman

    Meh…all this “meta” shit is boring and predictable. I’m still playing GTA5… and will continue to do so until “Citadels” hit the game… if ever. CCP has a habit of abandoning content, so we’ll be lucky to see anything more than the original class of “Citadel” structures to replace the current POS structures.

  • Citizen

    Scooter McCabe talking about paying ISK. I hope everyone is aware that Mr. Scooter McCabe is the head scammer in CFC? Recruitment scams, supers scams, renting scams, you name it. QQ

  • Sold

    Best response ever.

  • BrokenBC

    not good enough to resub. fought for fountain twice i’m sure not doing it with jump fatigue.