Earlier today, what appears to be a document leaked from the Imperium Forums found its way to reddit, once again embroiling the Imperium (formally the Clusterfuck Colition) in more drama. This document is repeated below.

On inspection the document appears to be an early draft to implement a galactic wide subjugation of non-Imperium Alliances in a complex extortion scheme. Naturally the document has generated a lot of doubt as to its validity and may be nothing more than an attempt at misinformation. Given that the Imperium is well known to practice recruitment scams it adds even more doubt.

The sheer scale of the proposed plans have been ridiculed by the reddit community at large. While the Imperium is currently the largest singular nullsec organisation in Eve there were comments about even its ability enforce such a programme.

Rental or Tribute empires as a whole have historically provided some form of mutually beneficial agreement. These include mutual defensive agreements in the event of invasion, unilateral non aggression agreements and beneficial economic agreements. Very few of these benefits beyond some generalised access or economic benefits can be seen in the supposed brainstorming document. There is no mutual defensive agreement either.

The key element of this ‘plan’ is that an Imperial representative or ‘Viceroys’ will be responsible for a particular area of space and will be tasked to sign up ‘Subject’ alliances into the scheme. ‘Imperial Subjects’ will be required to pay Tribute from moon mining operations, Planetary Interaction, Station / Citadel Taxes, and / or regular ISK amounts. This also includes a first choice buy back program of regional specific goods such as Faction BPCs and loot drops. The Viceroy then in exchange will receive a set percentage of the region’s income.

Those alliances or groups that refuse to sign up to the scheme become targets and their space threatened which has already seen comments claim it to be a declaration of hostilities to all non-Imperium allied groups.

Ultimately it is almost impossible to verify the validity of this document, but if there is one thing that is certain from the response, if the Imperium is to extort ‘tribute’ from the rest of New Eden they better be prepared to fight for it.


If the enemy is going to howl for our blood for our supposed crimes when we’ve basically been adorable, huggable kittens for months, there’s never been a better time to show the galaxy what we’re capable of when the gloves come off for real: scalable conquest and subjugation of our foes, regardless of the new game mechanics behind sov. Yes, this is pure meta, yes, it scales, and no, it cannot be stopped – but by god, they’ll try.

Our pacification fleet arrives on the border of a region near Imperium territory, but outside our zone of direct sovholding. A messenger contacts the residents with a simple message: accept our generous benefits package in return for sensible, reasonable monthly fees, or be exterminated. The messenger and his team are responsible for the care, feeding, and annihilation of rebels within a region not under direct Imperium sov-control. That messenger is our Viceroy, and he or she will be the worst nightmare nullsec has experienced. At first most will refuse and examples will be made. Those residents who replace the purged refuseniks will learn the benefits of becoming an Imperial subject. Those territories behind the pacification fleet will no doubt see rebels and traitors attempt to shirk our ‘just rule’, which will be violently put down by our power-projection SIGs. Meanwhile, the taxes from each region collected by our Viceroys go into a common coalition pool, benefiting everyone – the coalition system we worked out with PBLRD works perfectly with this.

Paradoxically this is possible now only due to the quirks of Fozziesov attempting to break everyone else in nullsec into tiny, shattered groups inside one region, where we stand unbroken. Previously blocs opposed blocs; now, what can stop us from extracting taxes from a region like Cloud Ring or Fountain?

If you’d like historical references:

https://en.wikipedia…iki/Black_Ships (Bonus for naming our agreements with subjects ‘Treaties of Amity and Commerce’)

This is not GSF-only. Anyone in the Imperium can be a viceroy, and the tribute goes into a coalition-shared pool of income just like PBLRD. Viceroys will be powerful, influential, and wealthy – they will receive at least 5% of the total revenue generated for the coalition from their designated region to ensure that they are constantly looking for more for the motherland.

We’ve now fleshed the system out, but want to open up brainstorming to everyone on two particular topics: benefits to subjects and stuff we should tax. We want some subjects to bend the knee and be pleased to be loyal taxpayers, while we also want to extract maximum value while not constantly putting down endless rebellions. Below is a draft; be creative about random shit we could offer subjects with one hand, and be creative with stuff we can rightfully take from them with the other.

We haven’t settled on the name for this whole thing, but viceroy rolls off the tongue better than satrapy. Imperial attache, governor, messenger, Mr. Morden, emissary are some of the names which have been spitballed – we welcome additional ideas before we ink this.

We expect that the process of bringing civilization to an unenlightened region will take at least a month of raw violence and horror before subjects are found to bend the knee. After the first few viceroyalties are established and first generation of rebels are crushed, we can expect more submission and less resistance – but let’s be honest here, it’s the resistance and howling and subsequent crushing that’s the fun bit.

Heresies: Things We Will Not Do

  • No Blue standings with subjects
  • No Defense Obligations to subjects
  • No Logistics Work for subjects
  • No Sovholding by us

Duties of Viceroy

  • Extract as much value as possible from Region
  • Train assistants for future Viceroyalities
  • Work with Black Hand to seed agents and influence defectors
  • Work with Corps Diplo on whatever they need in the region
  • Oversee and confirm delivery of taxes from subjects on calendar
  • Coordinate with military regarding crushing rebels
  • Identify and recruit high-value talent from subject alliances into the Imperium
  • Tracking changes in taxable holdings (moons, etc) between subjects

Possible Benefits to Imperial Subjects

  • Discounted high-investment goods: XL Citadel BPCs, + Titan/Supercarrier BPCs, Outpost BPCs
  • Supercapital Construction: Subjects can put an altcorp in GSF and build supers/titans for their own members (not the open market)
  • Intel and Connections: the Viceroy can give information and contacts across the galaxy to aid a subject, at the Viceroy’s discretion.
  • Best Practices: the Viceroy can reward loyal subjects with information on how to better manage their alliance etc.
  • Guides to set up Reaction Chains & Improve Finance
  • Guides on Org Creation
  • Guides on Fleet Doctrines (?, possibly unwise)
  • Goonmetrics as a Market Tool
  • Miniluv Exemption: those who bend the knee won’t be blown up en route to Jita – additional monthly fee for safety?
  • NIP: aka ‘we don’t exterminate you’. We won’t attack the hard assets of subjects, though ships may be blown up randomly on roams.

Possible Tribute from Imperial Subjects

  • 20% of Goo produced by Subject Moons, as confirmable by Recon and prorated given changes in ownership Alternative: Forced Discount, we buy all their goo sold in Jita at an enforced 10-15% discount under market.
  • PI Taxation – Customs Fees – if trackable by API
  • Station Refinery Taxes – refined minerals at a certain low rate, if trackable by API
  • Region-Specific Special Goods – buyback programs for Faction BPCs where applicable
  • Citadel Taxes – isk per allowed citadel
  • ISK Tribute – more inflammatory than other methods but a possibility we’re writing down

Hiring, Incentive & Promotion System

  • First Viceroy selected by CD and managed by CD/Mittens
  • Assistant Viceroys chosen by allies
  • Most effective assistant Viceroy is promoted to Viceroy for the next conquered region. Non-GSF is peachy, system not-GSF-locked
  • The Viceroy receives a 5% of total regional tribute earned each month as a reward.

Tracking System

  • API tracking of tribute
  • Viceroy and Assistant Viceroys all need to disclose full APIs to avoid fraud risks
  • Use PBLRD hangar + APIs for collection tracking
  • Subforums: Each Viceroyalty may need its own subforum as logs with subjects and hostiles will need to be kept like CD. Perhaps one main department forum with subs for conquered regions as the system expands.

Collection of Tribute

  • Taxes are delivered twice a month – should have rolling dates for each subject per region so subjects can’t all rebel on same day.
  • Taxes are delivered to Jita by the subject, not the viceroy.
  • Math82

    Banf of Brother 2.0

  • 10101010101
    • Interesting

      It’s all the same bullshit mindset coming from the same people.

  • Paddok

    reds are destroying Null so we are going to ban newbis from Null if they dont pay hm yea sounds like a great plan to save the game and Null 5 ***** to Goons

  • Interesting

    The “Kickstarter Rebellion” may actually be a thing !!!! lol

  • Eddie the Mechanic

    ok, time to gear up and exterminate those bees ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Scalding Pass Viceroy

      lol Its been tried already and failed miserably. And now Imperium and their russians allies are much stronger while anti-CFC forces vanished.

  • Goobah

    Meh ?

  • convicted felon

    I don’t doubt CFC put this out but it’s all bullshit. Apparently Mittens isn’t getting enough attention to suit him so puts out this nonsense. He is the true definition of an attention whore. He doesn’t care if people love him or hate him as long as they are paying attention to him.

    • Sylphinja the Dark Rose

      Who is this Mittens you so highly speak of?

    • Tim0501

      “Hey, kickstart my new book! “

  • Bla5to Frigate

    When is everyone going to join together and rid New Eden of these ego inflated turds? I may be a fairly new pilot, but I’ll throw down and help if there is a large scale effort to take them down. The bigger they are, the harder they fall…. I can only imagine what they will do once they get a few citadels on grid…. Oh, the havac they will create and their heads will just get bigger and bigger…. as will the kittens wallet…., in eve and in real life…. Time to rise up!

    • Goonman

      Cute. Wont happend.

    • Dracvlad

      Why bother, its better to watch from a distance as they die through boredom of their own making, which is kinda fun…

  • bonzikat

    Goons couldnt even burn provi…nuff said.

    • nullbear

      not winning fast enough since 2006…

      • Jarhead

        not funding fast enough since 2015.

  • Vaximillian

    Um…. this is already in place in much of New Eden folks. You are just too dumb to see it under any banner other than Goons. The entire blue donut we had for 2+ years was based on a loose copy of this very concept. The people who play EVE have, for the most part, become lazy or just too bored to do anything other than pay an in game fee on top of the actual fee they pay CCP to play the game. Much of this is due to the aging of the player base. If you are a vet or long time player ask yourself what has changed in your life in the past 10+ years. Most of us have less time to commit to the game. Most of us have seen friends we had flown with for years leave the game altogether and therefore in a game where trust is a commodity in short supply we have fewer people to freely fly with. For these reasons and more there is less independent thinking and willingness to put in the time and effort to go it alone or fight the status-quo. The masses are generally stupid and easily lead. This is true in EVE as well as in real life. There are fewer of the independent thinkers left in the game. Many of us still play EVE not with the burning desire in our hearts we once had but with an eye open and a hope that a new game will be released that gives us that fire once again. Fight it with posts on this site as you may, New Eden was bought and sold a long time ago by the few in power that run things for their RMT empires. Statements like the above by CFC are just window dressing.

  • mittens kittens

    time to take a shit on the imperium o/

  • History Buff

    Anyone else remember the Belgian Congo Free State when the doc mentions “Extract as much value as possible from Region?” Cause between the lack of protection of “Imperial Citizens” and the probable over use of force the Imperium is famous for, the situations don’t seem all that different. All they need now is a Mr. Kurtz to round it out.

  • Deltaguy

    I thought bob died?

    • bob

      bib is still here. kinda. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Deltaguy

        Yeh its called goons.

  • Flacwby

    At least The Imperium is creating content. No one else seems to be doing anything like that.

    • Dick Hauser

      They are only creating content on Reddit… game is losing players again after a small bump around fanfest.

      • MissTT

        Wait.. you mean EVE is an actual game? Not a discussion and debate group? Oo

    • BuckStrider

      Really? I hear there is a war on the east side of the map

      • Drogo Drogos

        Its the yearly russian bears awakening from their hibernation.
        Once the fights stop they slip back into their hybernation state.

        Meanwhile goons keep trucking while every other nullsec alliance is disbanding or imploding.

        Goons winning eve since 2006.

        • BuckStrider

          Goons keep trucking where? To Cloud Ring to fight that super-mega coalition that is bent to destroy them? Or did you mean to the next NPC site to farm iskies?

  • BoB

    Lol at goons trying to act like the old BoB. Dianabolic was doing this when Goonies were still in their diapers.



  • Lady-Bird


  • andrewdrexler

    Very amusing. Obvious troll though, but still its well thought out and popcorn worthy.

  • Sounds Like Fun

    I used to be in an allaince that fought the Imperium and now I am in the Imperium and I can tell you one thing. Alliances outside the Imperium don’t realise how powerfull the Imperium actually is. When you see a killboard where the Imperium lost a fight with low efficinecy and 100 billion isk of ships, for your alliance such a lose would be devistating and crash moral. For the Imperium such a loss is the equivalent of loosing a tech 1 frig gang and has the same affect on the Imperium as the lose of a tech 1 frig gang may have on your alliance. i.e it is not even important enough to warant any discussion at all within any part of the group. Also when you see such fights the oposing team will be using 90% of their resources to take the fight, while the Imperium may be using 2% of their resources. I don’t think this is a troll. Just the Imperium generating content.

    • Daito Endashi

      “generating content” he says ^^’

    • Throne Worlds

      Anyone who’d disregard this as ridiculous and unrealistic, would be a fool. Especially in this day and age where people are not interested in risk, instability and unsafety, this Viceroy scenario is more than likely to happen anytime soon. Everyone has seen what a limited deployment has done to Providence, and Providence is arguably the second most powerful sov-holder these days due to their numbers and activity. Any and every other entity would go down in a brief darting flame and crumble irrecoverably.

      This is not about content generation, this is about content asphyxiation in order to provide the player generation of the 21st century a theme park environment that they seek, not the EVE experience that they should be confronted with.

      • Borg Alexandra

        We have all seen what this deployment in Provi has done espacially how goons got their teeth kicked in badly.

        • Michael Majere

          If I remember correctly Provi was licking its wounds as they lost around 50% of iHubs only with Imperium testing mechanics. Now as someone whos lived in Fortress Provi and played its politics, I know we all like to drink the koolaid. Provi far from kicked gewns teeth in. When they accomplished 50% of a 75% i-hub goal in only a few days, that’s them kicking your teeth. Sure provi killed Imperium fleets, but be realistic, these were not the eviction fleets that Burned providence out of its home a few years ago.

          Lets look at a situation if the Imperium did a full war deployment into Providence. Part of its Capital fleet deployed, Euro Imperium to match timers with the bulk of provi, along with its mainline doctrines and wallet for quick replenishment of lost ships. I will deff give credit to GSOL they move swiftly in deployments. If they did this in the upcoming summer it would go quicker the major Providence defense will be disappearing – stations. Provis best defense always was the pain of grinding structures, recently made quicker by CCP. Unless CCP changes its minds a lot of timers will vanish all over Null in the worst logistics nightmare ever.

          I cringe everytime I imagine every station… Hell POS also having to be evacced to hi/low/npc null until Citadels slowly roll out over everyones sov.

    • Dracvlad

      I pointed out numerous times that it was this that screwed the game, its the continuing hangover from the Moon mining stupidity created by CCP’s mismanagement, you need wealth to crate more wealth, the moon mining gave them such a leg up it is virtually impossible to erode.

      Which is why I decided not to do anything in Eve and am currently not even subbed, playing another game, OK could have kept one account going but, that’s just silly, you are so easy to kill without a scout…

      Good post and so spot on!

  • Scalding Pass Viceroy

    Its not a troll and actually true.

    “Mutual defense” lol Ya, we have seen how NCdot ditched their rental empire covering half of the galaxy. Now put aside Russian alliances that have a non agression pact with Goon, it leave Fountain, Delve, Period Basis, Querious, Omis, Tenerifis, Immensea, Catch, Providence, Scalding Pass populated by small alliances that cant work together.

    Perfectly managable. They pay we let them live. They dont we send our death squads burn everything. After a couple of example, everyone will understand.

    But dont worry we will find a common ground to make our vassals happy. Them of other people that will take their place.

    • Kin

      Fountain Core can’t wait that Goons might actually try to do this. So what if we won’t have XL Citadells? It this new SOV system you have to occupy the land to maintain control. There won’t be allways 2000 Goons coming to every timer, and than what? We flip their unused sov in 10 minutes again. Constant content for us. That’s the best thing what can happen to Fountain I really can’t wait to see the first Goon fleets.

      • Goonman

        You did not read. We will NOT take structures. The clients will. And we will let them if they pay us. If you take out THEIR structures we will not only come, we will RECRUIT all pvpers of EVE who want content too. So you will basically work for our recruitement ๐Ÿ˜€ Everybody will have content and will be happy!!

        • Fcore

          I don’t get it, FCore has sov now, and would build citadells it their sov. How would Goons get isk from that? Goons or their agents come and demand ISK for not crushing their structures. Fcore refuse to pay, Goons come and Fcore kills a lot from them while they clean space from FCore sov and structures. Goons leave, Fcore takes back all. Cycle repeat. I don’t see any ISK for Goons here, only the losses they suffer while taking down structures.

          • Kronos

            They lose time……….
            Everyone forgets that the only currency you have is time.
            All else is pointless.

          • .

            is Fcore coming to defend their stuff with 10 Bombers like they did against Brave while waiting for the BigBrother? Eh…Black Legion? ^^

  • Plz

    +1 to it, please please do it.
    It has been too long since there was a actual reason for most of New Eden to finally unite against a common foe. Goons thru the Imperium have been too big, for too long, hopefully their own greed is the thing that will bring them undone.

    • BeastmodeGuNs

      It would be nice to see, only issue is now theres not really any big organized groups left already that are not blue or napped to the CFC that care about null-warfare, fozzie sov saw the disappearance of several bigger entities holding sov such as Black Legion, G.CLUB, and now Red Alliance again at a slower rate as they still fighting back.

      Most of the entities in sov null are smaller groups mostly skirmishing and fighting each other that probably do not have much communication to begin with, if the CFC(screw imperium) do go through with the supposed plans new eden will have to band together as done with BoB which is proof of goons once being good guys living long enough to become the “bad guys.”

      Really the CFC alone can field a massive fleet of 1000-2000 and there is virtually no one else that has been able to properly compete with the CFC since the halloween war ended with B-R, though PL and NC remain as large super holding entities.

      If people really are all gr goonz and so on and these new plans of the CFC are true, then people would have to band together, its almost like a WW2 scenario and the CFC are the Axis with everyone else as the Allies or remain neutral, and the regions they do take control over are Poland, France, Yugoslavia, etc. sure theres going to be some sort of resistance to the horde at the gates, but in the end its the march of the allied and united entities to push back the horde at the gates that makes the difference, they either end up successful and pushing them back, and possibly even hurting the aggressor’s territories, or they are all overwelmed and conquered, all pets to this big entity, allowed to live their lives with a certain leash around their neck, going about knowing that this entity succeeded in conquering everyone.

      Of course this could all just be bait material to get responses like the above in which in this case I have taken the bait, but hey in similar totally not stolen quote from Smokey the bear… “Only YOU can prevent bee rape.”

      Other then this text wall, have a nice evening, day, morning, night, whatever time it is for you my fellow capsuleers!

      • guest

        +1 for mentioning Yugoslavia ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Homophobic John

        So all we have to do is avoid the russians?

      • Goonman

        Hellooooo… Right now, Black Legion have folded lol G Club are falling appart and Red Alliance are being raped by Imperium allies.

      • Drogo Drogos

        There is always a bad guy needed and we have become them even tough Imperium took in smaller alliances to forge a coalition to defend themselves.

        If this wasnt done it would have been PL or N3 or Brave or HBC that would control vasts amount of space.

        Remember that Goons dint take the easy path, they went head on with BoB wich on their prime was a ridiculous powerhouse.
        While goons were fighting them with knives and teeth.

        Each war the goons entered became a victory and grr goons or not we have survived where many would predicted we would fail /disband.

        I dont see a coalition born in 2016 being able to go head to head with us, unless CCP change something drasticly.

        How it goes from here is anyone’s gues, but the alliances you call pets are our brothers in arms and its very unlikely we ever depart from each other.

        I remember many alliances trying to stand on their own feet, but they got burned and became cannonfodder as they had no way to fight back against NC. / PL / Imperium.

        At this stage of the game its go big or become bottom feeder contend.
        I wished it was diffrent as sitting on that iron throne overlooking the valleys with no real enemy’s in sight is boring.

        But this is Eve and you never know whats being forged in the darkness and shadows ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Provi Miner

    They failed in Provi of all places they expect success? I know goons not bright but after the failed Provi burn campaign I doubt they would even bother but I do wish they would

    • In the Know

      GSF need to concentrate on their own problems.
      I hear that Tri are looking towards CVA for good fights. Basing from Curse

    • Goonman

      People who think we “failed” in Providence are such morons… We took 75% of the map with our allies two years ago. You seriously think we would not have taken Providence if we wanted to??? We came to test entosis mecanics in the best area to do so. Once the test were completed, we left. We did not had any interest to Providence appart of that. But keep drooling on “CFC defeat” lol

      • Provi Miner

        Bull your leader clearly set a minimum goal post and you didn’t come close to reaching it. In fact you failed so badly that on day 45 when your leader said you would do it again you didn’t. What you could have done is immaterial. The facts remain you said you were going to do x and then failed. I read his war missive didn’t you? “If we only kill 75%” it will be a success as I recall you barely got over 50%. That’s called missing the mark badly or failure.

  • Utari Onzo

    The biggest issue with this plan is, if it works, GSF would have shot themselves in the foot as there won’t be any content left. Old GSF might have had the objective of ruining the game for everyone, but new GSF has players who’ve been tied to eve for years, and might not fancy having a sea of blue balls and quasi renters. They’d end up victims of their own success.

    Not that I expect them to actually be able to successfully dominate the entirety of nullsec.

    • Daito Endashi

      Thought the same, but then I read this in the article:
      “NIP: aka โ€˜we donโ€™t exterminate youโ€™. We wonโ€™t attack the hard assets of subjects, though ships may be blown up randomly on roams.”
      No, they will still shoot everything they want

      • Utari Onzo

        You get the odd ratter who’s dumb on roams, but effectively fleet fights would be dead. Would you be satisfied forming up for a 20-40 man roam (maybe bigger) and getting a handful of kills if you’re lucky?

        Conflict is what keeps this game ticking over, whether that’s conflict now, or preparing for future conflict. The day there’s no one to fleet against except the odd ratter is the day you’ll see nullsec collapse in on its own weight.

        • hawklan

          Absolutely agree on that one. I do play EVE to write and take part in great player driven stories. The moment there are no epic fleet fights left to fight I will quit EVE. I am currently part of the empire but if they ever spoil my content by succeeding with such a plan I will have to find other ways to make history … perhaps by founding some secret resistance organisation to destroy the imperium form inside }:)

      • Goonman

        Discussions have been opened alliance wide after this post and it will evolve. One of the propositions will be to offer mercenary services from the Imperium squads or special interest groups (SIG) so Imperium clients will be able to request defence service if they cant by themselves. They will even be able to hire to take expansion into non-client areas!! You will love it… lol

        • Daito Endashi

          …are you serious? d_d

  • Immensia pilot & bored

    Regardless if it’s true or not, you have to take your hat of to them. Of course they would never succeed in doing this. But EVE wouldn’t be the same without this sort of drama/confusion.
    Goons have set them self up really well through all the shit CCP have thrown at us, they have secured the north, yes some alliances are taking pop shots at them but at the end of the day goons have plenty of dudes to look after their own space. Other alliances need to take a leaf out of their book and stir shit up, make content for their pilots, start a war, make friends, challenge the northern men.
    I was in a CEO meeting the other day and was surprised by comments being thrown around ‘lets wait till the next patch and see’ – when did EVE become a game of waiting around, sure wait on a titan for some juicy kills but not pausing your game play to see what CCP screws up next, grab the game by the horns, like GSF and start shafting other alliances up the arse.

    • Chris

      Its wait and see right now because nobody other than goons actually wants to make a serious attempt with this shitshow of a sov system.

      • Southern pilot waiting

        That’s a fair point but what if this shitshow of sov doesn’t change, surely the best thing to do is welcome the new changes and get on with it?
        For all we know CCP c*nts will make EVE even worse in the coming patches.

        • Born again

          Dude you could always change alliances and move north, at least you can be part of this movement for complete control.
          I was in the south up until recently before I realised nothing was happening, moved to West and boom, PVP all day all night.
          I was getting that desperate I was going to join CVA lol!

          • GSF is crumbling

            I really wouldn’t come North of the wall, GSF or Imperium as we are now called is in trouble, to many fat cats raping the isk for themselves, we’ve all read it on Reddit, Kittens is jumping ship prior to sinking it. GSF is a simple but effective cash cow for him.
            Watch this space, GSF will be not be the force it is today in a year, o/
            Some of you will reply saying that I don’t know what Im talking about, look at their space, look what they hold, etc etc, which is all very true. But I have inside knowledge

          • Goonman

            You dont know what your are talking about lol

          • Franklin, Lt

            Dude, GSF is just one fuck ball of a scam alliance. Mittens is rolling in coin that you lot simply donate to him…

          • daniL

            North is the best play to be if you are isk farmer.

    • Goonman

      Immensea? Nice spot! Save your cash for the Imperium tax lol Or start to evac.

    • Shayiskhun

      Lol.. And do you remember when people broken into their safe zone, crashed them into peaces until CCP not reimbursed their fleet just for fun?

  • bla

    Depends on how long the CFC is still here after this got leaked: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/3u4jty/endie_speaks_his_mind/

    • Dracvlad


    • GrouchyOldGamer

      CCP aren’t going to do anything about this.

    • GrumpyRump

      Oh sh!t.. This month is getting better and better.
      I almost forgot to log in..Almost!

    • TheBlackSheep

      Ahem , I assure you this is NOT what it seems!

      Right guys? .. Guys ..?

    • Jevous Encule

      Lots of interesting stuff in that link bro…but like our Grouchyoldgamer friend says bellow, CCP aint gona do shit about it.

    • Deadspace Hoarding Dragon


  • GrouchyOldGamer

    When people use to moan about the size of the CFC giving it
    an untenable advantage I use to always point out that the MM in MMO stood for Massive
    Multiplayer and not to whine that another group was better at making friends than

    Iโ€™ve slowly come to the conclusion that having one entity
    gaining an insurmountable advantage in the game merely through its ability to infinity
    scale is probably the biggest game mechanic problem in Eve.

    • Tiago D’Agostini

      The problem is that there are not enough mechanics that scale BADLY with huge sizes.

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        That’s a good point.

        To be clear the CFC deserves its success because they are the best organised group in the game.

        But, the force multiplying effect on that talent by adding sheer numbers to it is a problem.

        • MalevicarX

          Best organised and better funded/equipped plus sheer numbers is not the same thing. There are many groups in EVE that are actually organised. CFC is not one of them.

          With CFC it all comes down to a freaking horde with Supers. That’s why the force effect is problematic.

          • Nathan19601

            They are funded because of the organization though… and people wouldn’t join if it were disorganized. They have a huge supercapital fleet because they restrict their members to only sell internally. Politically and economically, the strategy is pretty good. However, when it comes to warfare, their strategy is primitive… even animals know the N+1 method.

          • Goonman

            primitive and effective. And no one can beat it as of today. So its the best.

          • Nathan19601

            Perhaps with current game mechanics… But realistically , there should be a way to combat large odds. Sure, N+1 works in the real world but there is always a strategy to make it less effective, if not ineffective.

            EVE, unfortunately, doesn’t have this kind of depth [yet]. Except for maybe wormholes. Local kind of fucks any kind of strategy up and I’m a lowsec player myself.

          • MalevicarX

            Well said. This needs to be read by CCP so they stop looking for things that need fixing.

            Anything that doesn’t have a counter can be potentially game breaking. And this specific mechanic/strategy is way past that.

          • Kines Pavelovna

            In RL the side doing the N+1’ing gets 4 dozen 225mm rockets shot at it, and everyone gets blown up into clouds of pink juice.

            There are plenty of ways in which the side with 2 guys can welp the guys with 20 but unfortunately no such strategy/mechanic exists in this game.

          • Shayiskhun

            No one? Seriously? None of their war was succesfull until they not do something disgusting thing, like turn off paying bills, or give IRL benefits for people. Effective? Well maybe. But in a game after a while who want to play with people like this?

          • Zander

            No one could beat BOB either….Until it happened

    • Jevous Encule

      Yep. The ability to have unlimitted amount of friends in a limited size (and small) galaxy IS the main problem in this game. Sure it is a massive challenge to manage such a large organization however, in the case of CFC/Imperium, gamebreaking point has been passed a while ago and still does to this day.

    • Goonman

      Maybe MMO is not for you then.

  • Rek

    This is want happens when you give in to the cry babies and reduce jump fatigue from 30 day to 5 days… Enjoy

    • Null Cap Pilot

      C’mon, it was about time, jump fatigue was/is ruining the game
      Do you even own a cap?

      • Rek

        Yes i do but that is irrelevant. And no i don’t feel it ruins the game, it merely limits instantaneous travel but now that penalty is erased every week, you get to move your war machine every week.

        I’m not saying this is a bad thing, just that it makes it trivial for large groups to do what the Imperium is proposing.

        • Ogast

          Gates my friend. Never had more than 16hrs aids ’cause regional gates

  • daniL

    Who gives a F for Imperium role play ?
    They are nice target to have.

    • Vladimir


      • alfius


  • Seraph IX Basarab

    Literally kebab

  • Not an FC

    so on 1 hand you have the CFC (refuse to call the imperium) claiming the money grab book is the only thing saving eve then on the other hand the CFC is trying to extort all null entities… which in turn will drive players back into highsec where they will get bored and leave…. GG Goons

  • General Aleksandr

    Th Imperium will die like old Northern Coalition. If all superpowers will form one front against these bees, The Imperium will be terminated. It is now only a matter of time.

    • Nathan19601

      Meanwhile, all smaller entities entosis everything.

    • Goonman

      If, If, If… But, but, but… lol

    • nullbear

      newsflash, there are no super powers left, except PL

      • alfius

        PL are literally the North Korea of Eve. I expect those scrubs will find that a flattering comparison.

        • lamp

          What he said PL on’y 3rd party fights because they are all just killmail whores.

    • Ogast

      Too many egos for them to unite mate. Sorry to shatter your dreams

    • Drogo Drogos

      Keep dreaming.

      Will take years to build a coalition to face off against Imperium.

      And a few reasons why it will fail before it will even start is:

      #1 Greed….way to much greed in alot of High End Alliance leaders who dont like to share their wealth and rather keep it for themselves.

      #2 PL wont stick their dick in a meatgrinder for someone else after B-R.

      Want to know why ?

      Other alliances refused / dint log in Titans to even the odds becuase they were shitting their pants and left PL to die instead of going in full force.

      That battle started out realy bad for PL+N3, yet it could have been turned around if dipshit chicken alliances would log in their titans and join the mayhem.

      They could still end up losing, with even greater losses, but they could also turn the odds making it a victory by turning that battle around and make Imperium lose a fcton of their titans and walk away with a victory.

      But it never happened….and we will never know….and PL learned a great lesson that day how good your friends are when it comes to dropping the hammer of doom.

      So without PL to balance the odds you dont even have a war against Imperium but a wet fart like N3 / HBC was.

      • hmm

        Same could be said about PL and NC. if they hadn’t dropped out when Test was fighting the CFC maybe they could have won that war , PL, NC. and nulli had the supers and Test had a massive amount of subcaps. and BL decided money was more worth it than to continue burning CFC assets in the north,

        • daniL

          LOL Test had massive amount of subcaps ??? Where ? Test 10k at the time barely formed 200-300 dudes for few battles and they gave up

      • lol

        There won’t BE a fight if your beloved coalition succumbs to Mitten’s RMT retardation. It’s a matter of time before it kills itself on its own.

  • Vladimir

    Mittens forgot to add his Paypal where his loyal braindead minions can donate their money.

    • MasterKain

      No he didn’t. It’s right there, hiding in plain sight, below the “Back this Project” in the kickstarter page.

  • BrokenBC

    Lol what a crock this isn’t even possible anymore. However you could threaten sov structures like ihubs.

  • MalevicarX

    Hey look Maaa!! Another CFC shitstorm!! YAY

  • jumpin jack

    MORE RMT for CFC leadership!!!! When will CCP finaly put an end of this RMT tragedy called CFC?

  • Polletje

    Sounds like a new war this winter ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Daito Endashi

    That’s the cool thing about Eve. This is, basically, absolutely possible

    • Goobah

      And, basically, absolutely, a really bad idea — familiarize yourself with the term “monopoly”, even in a limited sense, and then think it through.

      • Daito Endashi

        I wouldn’t like this too, but I still find the thought that it could be done amazing ^^

  • F U Mittens

    c’mon everyone, we all know Mittens is in full rage mode because subs are falling. Therefore he’s losing traffic from his site. Which everyone knows is his way of RMT. I mean how do you quit a job as a corporate lawyer to play a video game without being able to profit from it. Dude has to eat.

    Problem is the asshole is killing a good game in the process. CCP need to pound this guys nuts flat with a mallet like yesterday if they want to keep thier jobs. At this rate they are not going to have a game to publish if everyone just logs out “because of dickhead”

    • Derp

      Let’s not get it twisted, he was fired and then disbarred after telling that kid to kill himself at that EVE event.

  • Xeris 7

    Well…we could always use you guys over in Elite Dangerous. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is plenty of room.

    • F.U.Mittens

      I own elite and am a backer for Star citizen. Needless to say my 7 years in eve have not instilled much trust in the games direction. Eggs in a basket and all that.

      • Xeris 7

        I bet you were relieved to hear about the beta release for SC. I played Eve for ten years. I was in Stain, BRUCE and finally CFC. I didn’t want to spend 35 hours a week in game grinding and when I was in game I wanted to PvP not shoot red crosses or stare at trade/production spreadsheets. After ten years I just could never get ahead of the isk curve in the end game so I left the game. Eve was a great game but the last few years and this whole null sec super power stuff has pushed it past its prime. Eve has serious end game issues and CCP has no idea how to fix it and the player base is finally realizing it.

        • boliano

          Ten years and still cant figure out the isk curve? Lol

          • Indy

            7 years here, and only recently I figured it out ๐Ÿ˜‰ but all ccp’s… ‘Ideas’ keep forcing me to change my isk printing procedures ;/

      • Nerds

        Actually monopolies are good for the economy. If our utilities weren’t monopolies we would be paying double.

  • The Bacterium

    More like “The Delerium”

  • Niko Lorenzio


    The closer they get to the end the more drastic the tantrum they throw in an effort to stay relevant.

  • Huursa

    This winter is gunna be fun huehue

  • Random CFC Grunt

    If any of the potential “subjects” accept this – they’re fucking idiots.

  • Frans Bovens

    join the rebellion, join providence

    • bonzikat

      I joined provi because of the terminator errr i mean you core. I stayed for the cookies.

  • Dude from BoB

    EVE may finally die holy shit leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel

  • William Noble

    Just disband that outdated dinosaur of a blob and enjoy Eve like the rest of everyone else is. The days of needing 7 regions of blues is really not needed anymore.

  • Sjรถrรถvar Fabbe

    Smells like troll, looks like troll… Is troll… Band of Bookstarters can’t even defend their “homie” systems in Deklein…. MoA are ganking as they see fit…. How will members of Empornium be taken seriously outside of DECLINE….?

    Send in some Jedis to lead diplomatic negotiations with the viceroys…. We know all how that ended for the viceroys…

  • Indy

    Its just funny that the w-space goons monopolised w-space ages ago and the big bad goons have failed to do the same with null all these years. I just wonder if they will be pussies and team up with PL to do all this fighting

  • Muul Udonii

    Great content generator. Start installing viceroys; wait for people to ignore and not pay, then SotG announcing a purge of alliance X’s assets, followed by a move fleet and a quick 3 day deployment.