#EVE_NT Collides second weekend is upon us with round 2 kicking off this Sunday (22nd) at 20:00 UTC, which can be watched via one of the following methods:

Following on from last month’s match (see the Twitch feed below for the original matchup) that saw Hard Knocks win over Shadow Cartel 3-1.

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This month’s match will be between two of New Eden’s tournament juggernauts. Five time Alliance Tournament champions and reigning champions Pandemic Legion against tournament veterans The Tuskers Co. So, let’s have a look at the teams and the setups they have decided to take to tournament.

Pandemic Legion

#EVE_NT Collides Profile: PL are hugely influential in EVE at every aspect of the game they turn their attention to. Either you are on their side or you are terrified of them. Being the most experienced and organised at most aspects of PVP, they roam New Eden in everything from Super Carrier fleets to Interceptors. When local spikes with 100 PL soldiers, you had better hope they show as blue.

PL and tournaments go hand in hand, having won multiple tournaments and making themselves THE team to beat. They have a lot of tournament history and experience and are by far the largest tournament team in EVE, setting the benchmark every year which other teams must beat. Can they take the crown in the first full season of #EVE_NT Collides?

1 Sleipnir Scimitar Svipul Svipul Purifier 45
2 Absolution Onerios Confessor Confessor Crucifier 45
3 Raven NI Raven NI Manticore Manticore Crow 45
4 Typhoon FI Typhoon FI Malediction Malediction Maulus 45
5 Scorpion NI Scorpion NI Hound Hound Vigil 45
6 Vindicator Guardian Enyo Enyo Sentinel 45
7 Ishtar Gila Gila Vexor NI Merlin 45


The Tuskers Co.


#EVE_NT Collides Profile: The returning champions of #EVE_NT Collides, The Tuskers have the crown to lose. Fresh from their top 4 AT run, they are rumoured to have been training hard in preparation to take on the fearsome Pandemic Legion, who will no doubt be the bookies favourites, although we think this is the closest match up we have run yet.

1 Sleipnir Vagabond Vagabond Burst Burst 45
2 Machariel Machariel Navitas Navitas Malediction 45
3 Barghest Barghest Bantam Bantam Vigil 45
4 Orthrus Orthrus Onyx Onyx Maulus 45
5 Astarte Confessor Confessor Oneiros Hound 45
6 Typhoon FI Typhoon FI Inquisitor Inquisitor Hyena 45
7 Claymore Scimitar Svipul Svipul Manticore 45

Bans are yet to be announced by both teams but should be up some point this evening.

This is shaping up to be a great match, PL has the better Alliance Tournament statistics, but The Tuskers Co. have more experience in the Collides format, having won the pre season test earlier this year.

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