Imperium pilots across New Eden have been ordered to prepare for war.

A broadcast by The Mittani to all members of the Imperium warned members that the coalition will be responding with “extreme violence and rapidity”.

The Mittani said: “We need to be ready for offensive action as soon as this upcoming Thursday.”

Adding that the campaign “will have two phases, one a sov purge and next a moon purge: unlike our recent ‘testing the waters’ actions, that means heavy use of capital fleets during the moon purge segment.”

“This is not a chevauchee/ihub purge or a wargame. Stations will be captured and moons will be taken with extreme prejudice.”

“As part of this, we will be going into lowsec to fuck the people who thought that we will never follow them there. The era of ‘we cannot do lowsec’ is over.”

It is expected that forces will be based out of their current staging system in Pure Blind, 3V8-LJ.

  • Lady-Bird

    Who are the poor bastards going down this time?

    • Tiehaa

      Probably the ones that were smart enough not to fund his kickstarter book scam.

      • Carlos

        Thank god eve has smart players. Got to laugh at all the idiots thought.

      • wow

        the crystal ball says they will only hit 40% of the kickstarter in the end. Mittens will need to put all his money from company to win at kickstarter to win eve. Sad, very sad

    • Kin

      Probalby LowSechnaya, they both have sov, and low sec moons, and supers along the way….

  • grr_goons

    I’m guessing PL and PH are the targets?

    • obamahama

      hope so

    • waltari

      Very unlikely as usage of capitals is mentioned. Even Black Legion (RIP) was able to lock and hellcamp CFC capital fleet in station back in the Fountain war times and engaging PL with supers (especially CFC) is suicide. Its gonna be some ‘many against few’ war thing… again.

      • eStar

        Do you even play EVE in these days? Your informations seems outdated.

        • DDD

          lol they didnt even used capitals against OOS in venal during theyre deployment cos they could be suicide ganked , and you think they will risk those against a proper enemy ? LOL

          • eStar

            “they didnt even used capitals against OOS” Not true at all, Razor, Fcon and Co2 used capitals and even supers several times in venal. for example.

    • Truth

      Ha, PH. All I can think of is the acidity inside a woman’s vagina. lolol

  • mittens kittens

    mittens finally grew some balls, good let’s get some content going and EVE burning again.

    • Sovless.

      Growing balls would include resetting blues, engaging alliances 1v1. Not blobing single alliances with 40k nerds

      • Playos

        It’s impossible for a any major alliance to 1v1 anyone in the game… you have your blues or you literally fight everyone who can find a wormhole within 20 jumps of your timer.

        • yierharh

          Let’s blue 90% of EVE, Hey I won EVE. Let’s make a book. Fail.
          Bitter leader starts war. Angry at those that did not fund his book.
          Mittani “This is your life”.

          • hmm

            well lets make this the best new big eve war ever! everyone else blue up and fight back then… i miss the old big bloc wars! time for another?

          • I had more fun yoloing my green-fit battlecruiser blind into Old Man Star in my first month than I did in most of my tidi fights 🙁

        • Sovless.

          Ok let me rephrase, you are blue to 40+ nerds, more than double the numbers of the second largest coalition (the have nip) and most of the leet pvp alliances they fight have anywhere betwween 500 to 3000 nerds, so nothing they could do ATM would constitute “growing balls”

          • Sovless.

            NAP sorry damn iPad.

  • bonzikat

    let me get my crystal ball out….I foresee CFC fighting people with 5-6x their number and still losing 4-5 ships for every one they destroy, but i also see them taking everything that mittens can get his grubby little munchkin hands on.

  • MuonNeutrino

    Obviously whoever wrote this has access to the broadcast, so why not post the whole thing rather than just a couple quotes? And I wonder what the casus belli will be this time…

    • mittens is a nob

      yep whole thing please

      • xade

        becuase the cfc has a system (different broadcasts to different alliances) to find out who is the spy

  • Tommy Marriner

    RIP TEST 🙁

    • lol

      Test have been stomping the reavers. We’re not worried about goons.

      • Tommy Marriner

        And now we are.

        • GoonieBirdium

          OHHHH, the butthurt!!

          • mac

            goons wont attack us they attack sum1 up n no reason 2 attack us an we been curb stompin ass so far not even fraid if they did tho

    • iluvlamp

      Sad to say goons < test recently maybe mittens got butt hurt and need to set the records straight by rofl stomping test with quadruple the numbers.

    • Shadow’s Revenge

      I seem to recall goons tried to take a system/station from SLYCE a couple days ago… and got megadunnked by SLYCE and TEST… Was actually quite hilarious I believe us SLYCE guys only lost 1 ship…

  • ERT



    • Sieveboy

      You divorced mittens?

  • testalot

    test is about to be anal probed by goons

    • Riordan Munqidh

      I’m confused I thought this was a call to deploy to low sec?

      • Bibbel theScribble

        Someone who has low sec operations and sov and moons is the target read between lines.

    • asd

      How exactly are they going to attack TEST with caps while basing out of Pure Blind?

  • Eddie the Mechanic

    well. here is to hope that the cfc will burn bright and fade away afterwards

    • yoloswag

      are you one of mittens kittens?

      • Eddie the Mechanic

        not a friggin chance 🙂 i hate those clowns big time

  • ExdioS

    Wonder if this is related to the rumors of a purge coming in Cloud Ring.

    • Playos

      why purge cloud ring? It’s a really shit region and atm it’s just a content factory.

      • Rip cr

        No one even lives there. Purge’ll be as contentless as ship spinning

  • Goobah

    TL;DR: We bored and it’s time to grind some much smaller entities under our hobnailed spacebooties — and we’ll call it “Content” so everyone knows we’re the “Good Guys” (TM) in all this. Given how lame EVE is right now, can’t say that I object. LIGHT ‘EM UP ! ! !

  • convicted felon

    The kickstarter is falling far short of it’s goal. Time to distract everyone.

  • Anthony Falk

    Oh my this should be fun for my lowsec toon and pals

  • A.C. Slater-Kinney

    grr gons

    • Rumplestilskin

      More meh goons

  • Bling

    Nobody cares about mittens retard nerd blob. there are plenty of other games to avidly play and have fun with while the bore blob attempts to re win eve

  • minimi

    who’s sove are they taking in low sec? 😛 😛

  • Fubootycheecks

    Fuck your ass mittens no one cares

  • Dig Bick

    Howd provi actualy go. I lost track on that campaign ?

    • Frans Bovens

      provi stands, was fun

      • Sylphinja the Dark Rose

        You should provoke them to come back, we”ll have even more fun.

  • lawl

    RIP NCDot Aridia moons.

    • huh

      ncdot is deployed in Geminate, which is neither lowsec, nor anywhere near Pure Blind. Plus they don’t have sov to be purged like described. *hint* Waffles does though *hint*

      • lawl

        Read what I typed. READ! ffs

      • really?

        i dont think CFC are really bothered about cloud ring, they are creating content at least

        • barracuda drexciya

          Yeah go move your blue doughnut towhatever place and be bored there.

      • Nike.docked.coalition

        What nc.docked undocked ? Thats imposible!

    • Vladimir

      Do they still have moons there? ZThought Lowsechnya had retaken them all?
      And if you knew anything about nullsec alliances, move to a different region, take moons there. Leave region, lose moons, take them in new region.
      Do you see the pattern there or are you still at CFC level 1?

      • lawl

        LSH max dunked over and over past weeks.

  • wow

    lol MIttani the movie star kickstarter has failed. 32k with only 20 days left. And they wonder why?
    So time to create content to hide the failure…
    This other kick starter has twise the money =) and you wonder why?

    • lol

      surprised anyone donated, its just mittens stroking his ego and his place in history

      • Sovless.

        His place in history….made me laugh. It’s just sad.

        • Carlos


  • Kin

    Ahhh, my comment on the Imperium GSF Diplomatic update must have hurt…… “EPIC boredom accross the whole Imperium”…. Please Mittens, come to Fountain, and leave the East… We want some good old Goon hunting, and please install the Bastion as new “landlords” of Fountain, we miss all those LI3, and FA tears so much……..

    • nopetrain

      Don’t be retarded. Fountain would roll in a week. No one out there can fight that many tidi-stained shitlords nor would they care to. If you’re into taking space with no other content, good for you, but Im sure the masses will tire of Mitten’s pretty-boy short man complex soon enough.

      • nopetrain

        Please come to Geminate so we can shoot at you too! BTW

  • GrrContent

    So… Goons will blob moons. Wait until they move back. Retake moons. Rinse repeat. Eve circle of life. Enjoy. Yawn!

  • Better prophet than Mittens

    Basically they are going to go take OSS, Snuff, SC, DT, Noc, Tissue moons. Kill the lowsec fights that have been happening because (moons = srp) lol why should they have any fun when nullsec isn’t. Then walk away after making sure there is zero pvp to be had.

    CFC will achieve maybe a few random kills or a fight (if realllly lucky) then wander home dejected trying to convince itself it had a gf! & did a gj! Then lowsec dudes will come out of their station caves and ninja back the pos’s over a series of months. Doing their best to gank each other as they go.

    So basically… in a nutshell CFC will shit on everyone else’s good time because they’re bored and don’t know what to do. Will fail at trying to do something about that, then still be bored and not know what to do.

    • Cabdin Stoobin

      well all the mentioned entities are too big to be blobbing low sec anyway. Itll be good for them to get 38844777587 man blob up their asses for a change

    • hmm

      so they end up creating good content and remove the stagnant bs. sounds like op success to me

      • barracuda drexciya

        If removing stagnant bs is their goal why not unblue all the cfc?

      • Goobah

        But will it, really ? They got 3 or 4 days into Provi and the whole “plan” came to a whimpering halt — or an “epic clusterfuck”, depending on one’s point of view. The only good thing will be if more players come back/ resub to get in on the action.

      • Better prophet than Mittens

        How do you figure? First off how do you define “good content” because grinding stations unopposed sounds like “bad content” esp. when considering there is NO fight at the RF exit timer.

        Secondly this won’t do anything except hurt smaller entities than CFC. Sounds pretty status quo to me bro.

        • Better prophet than Mittens

          stations =moons sorry it’s first cup of coffee time for me.

    • Mittens Kittens

      you won eve mate !

    • How is content supposed to happen if big alliances don’t fight? Are you missing the entire zeitgeist here?

  • Tora Bushido

    Thanks. See you soon.

    • jejejejeje

      He said low-sec, not high-sec.

      • je?

        Would rather be “He said low-sec, not Jita undock” in Tora Pussydo’s case.

        • Tora Bushido

          What is this Jita you’re referring to Hobosheet ?

          • je?

            95% within 1 jump of Jita/Amarr/Uedama.
            Admittedly, “Jita undock” was a bit of overstatement, but only a little bit.
            You being Tora Pussydo, on the other hand, was right on.

          • convicted felon

            Your killboard isn’t supporting your argument at all. I only see high sec kills.

          • U didnt want to fight m8

            dude this is out of your range son. Now go shoot shit on Uedama gate and link kills of random haulers

          • It’s okay, Tora. Noobs don’t know anything, but I know of all your losec shenanigans 🙂

      • Tora Bushido

        I know 😉

  • Johnny

    Hundreds of poorly trained idiots coming to lowsec, goody:)

    • Blobby Brown

      theres already metric tons of shitstains in low sec blobbing . what a few thousand more?

      • Heheh


      • sunbird


    • brathahn

      standard tears …… LOL

  • CuteName


    – Snuff

  • BOB

    Totally useless CFC. So CFC moves in, attack shitty moons. CFC moves out, otheres retake shitty moons. I am sure low sec does not really cares about it since they will get them back later.

    CFC trying to make impact in an empire that cares not for their impact. No one wants to fight their super cap fleet. I think entosis timers should be nice to do now XD. That will piss them off royally! =)

    • Hmm


      • sigh

        Wait so jumping through gates for no fight is what you call content? Are you like an actual retard?

        • Foo

          Actually, watching them get an epic case of blueballs is hilarious content when you consider that they just don’t “get” Low Sec.

  • jumpin jack

    Nice there will be many CFC caps killed along the way, i gues hunting crews will make party 😀

    • Hmm

      Remember b-r some other dude thought the same

      • Sovless.

        What the hell does hunting caps jumping through gates have to do with b-r?

        • Err

          Fuck youre thick.

          • Sovless

            Sick burn, but still doesn’t explain what hunting capitals has to do with b-r.

          • hmm

            I was saying that the last time people thought they would drop caps on Goons all hell broke lose and PL and other groups got their ass handed to them in B-R. If goons are going to bring huge capital forces then do you really think people would attempt to drop them?

          • Oedipus

            Before B-R it was goons getting roflstomped in Asakai. Never assume the next fight will be won the way as the former. Hubris son, it’s called freaking hubris.

          • Not just Asakai. I was there for several more roflstompings administered by N3PL.

          • That was after a couple of severe spankings of the CFC by PL and NCDOT made it look like the entire GSF was incompetent.

          • Muul Udonii

            You are.

          • Irony

            It’s ‘you’re’, thicko.

      • douche

        you’re fucking dumb.

  • Truth

    All non-CFC entities, fit up your entosis links and head for Deklein. Lets end these pile of shit, F1 monkeys.

    • Carlos

      lets entosis deklein and watch for local tears. Someone should record their TS/Mumble tears and upload.

      • So eagar


        • Carlos

          stronghold? well your carriers daily die in your “stronghold” with zero retribution..
          stronghold, my ass.

          • eStar

            Oh you are completly right so come and make some EZ kills (right Travis?).

          • Carlos

            who is travis? what alliance?

          • Noob

      • na

        And other toys like ESS and syphons. I have a spare alt toon in X-7 plus quite a few ships 🙁

    • please bring content

      lol. Jea please dont whait. Come to the north now.

    • highonpop

      Please do, please do.

    • Hmm

      Job for spectre fleet?

  • Codo

    Content so low CFC has to come to low. Bring it on, F1 monkeys dont belong in low

    • Skunkie Beer

      Neither do 800-1500 man alliances creating coalitions in low sec and blobbing 50 man corps for cheap kills.

      • hmm


      • When my 100 man corp was in losec for years that is exactly what always happened. Are you absolutely sure that’s not what losec is for?

  • Ulysse Nador

    in cloud ring they are pandemic hord + waffle and maybe pandemic legion and maybe some corp from brave

  • decoi

    So low secs Seems someone is afraid of getting blasted by bombs

    • sunbird

      Got tired of bombing runs in Venal 🙂

      • lunchreader

        ok so they will get bombing run in pure blind then

  • Goonkiller

    Alright! Time to green up those killboards and stuff those cargo holds with dead bees. This is gonna be great. If you’re not deployed in the North right now, you’re missing out.

    • Candyman

      There are Goons everywhere, mate. I’m going to deploy about as far as my beer fridge and just pick them off one or two at a time, as I always do, and consider that my “community service” for the betterment of EvE. And making another trillion selling all kinds of commodities to everyone else won’t hurt my feelings, either.

  • Yay

    Thank fuck. At last. If people play this right it could turn into a great war thats been so sadly missing but so desperately needed in eve. Pick a side and have fun..

  • je?

    It’s starting, boys! Dem lowsec gewnies!

  • Monkey

    Yea I get to drop all my shit on low sec scrubs.

  • Bill

    How can you kill that which has no life?

  • Cristian

    Bitch pleaseeeeeee. I still wonder why no news was ever created for when “imperium” got their ass handed to them in provi.

  • asdasd

    SO how about a lowsec pact with all LS entities to welcome CFC to LS.

    • Goon for life

      loll low sec trash are incapable to do anything together. Thats why they are in low sec in the first place.

  • Eve Online

    Well played CCP, you have finally made sov space soooo boring that all of the F1 rejects are coming to lowsec to stomp on the only action left in eve…. could be a good reason for new blues and partnerships to fight Mitler and his scrubswarm though. come to placid and bring some supers, we could use more idiots in the region for lex arseface to blue!

    • Svalbard is not a real place.s

      But on the plus side, Low-Sec is nice!”

      • Muffin Man Juice

        Low-Sec is nice. unless you’re in DT then it’s boring as fuck.
        bunch of fucking cowards i swear on me mum

  • Dude from Theta

    leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel, I’ll be fucking off in Fallout 4 all winter gf o/

  • Prophet of truth

    Guess project mayhem better start looking for alliances to merge into before they get rolled by the cfc along with all their moons and blues!

  • Moxich

    LS is safe from OOS bombs.

  • Lukterran

    Anyone smart will just take down their POS and wait this thing out. Once they get bored and go home you just kill anything that CFC put up and re-establish again. They can’t be everywhere all the time.

  • BahhDa


    • cfc hipster

      crazy fapping coaltion

      • sdasd

        hipster trash drown in vapor

  • Candyman

    The last days of the Goonperium… the Roman Empire died the same way, hoping one more war or easy conquest would bring back the glory.

    • lel.

      “last days of the goonperium” will never happen, so get over it.
      goonperium is like TEST.
      more of a community of worthless trash then a simple coalition of niggers banded together for a short while.
      you’ve got a better chance CCP closes it’s door before one or both of theis shitlords “dies”

  • Yawn fleet

    Chimpanzees following clueslessly –

    off they fly,
    around and around they go,
    Where will they stop?
    No body cares!

    • lelgoons

      Have they even picked a spot to hit yet? Seems like a lot of hurf hurf and no blurf

      • SuckMyMod

        20isk says the only thing that gets purged is CFC capitals until the screaming stops.

  • BURN LOSEC!!!!!

  • Imperial cap pilot

    We dont do low sec because the scum there are worthless of our time. So after we clear the Cloud Ring garbage in a few days, I am not sure this Imperium mobilisation will be a success. Especially for capital ships. Putting our top ships at risk in low sec where we cant gain any sov… Participation will drop fast.

    • Unless it ends up being crazy good times, as most of my experiences in losec always were.

    • Dan Jintao

      Lololol. I love goons. ‘Oh noes, we can’t do content, content is bad, we might lose something. Wait, you want me to undock my cap? Oh noes, it might die!!!

  • Hepty

    So let me get this straight… when fozzie sov *spit* was deployed all those low sec scrubs were all like ‘we are going to come and kick down your castle null sec f1 noooooobs’. They didn’t come… so now we are going to pay them a visit and your all crying salty stuff. Really??

    • sigh

      So let me get this straight… when fozzie sov was deployed, the intention was to split up the huge coalitions to get more smaller fights. The only one not to get this memo was mittens, and now he is sitting on his throne wondering which small entity to fight next to keep his minions entertained.