EN24’s podcast releases another episode, 20. Normally we cover the news, sticking to what is in the game, but this episode is very different. We cover the previous podcasts, catching listeners up to where we are now.

Originally, the podcast was to last only 20 episodes or one year, whichever came first, so this is the accomplishment of that goal and a small celebration of it. Where it goes from here depends on the staff at EN24 and the audience.

1. A look back at the very beginning – Episode 1 Intro
2. Highlights – Trying to find the right format
3. Highlights – Guests and analysis
4. Highlights – EVE Politics
5. Highlights – Funny moments
6. Ex-leaders of Brave apologize to each other
7. Conclusion – A short discussion with the original crew. Our start, what podcasts we like, and how owning Titans lets you down.

Guest: Solon101 – Nex Exercitus [NEXE], Northern Coalition. [NC.]
Writer: Hona Chaginai – Dreddit [B0RT], Test Alliance Please Ignore
Writer/Editor: Tiberius Stargazer – Destructive Influence [DICE], Northern Coalition. [NC.]
Writer/Editor: Matterall – Signal Cartel and Destructive Influence [DICE], Northern Coalition. [NC.]


Alternative Music: MG – Europa Hymn


Find the RSS for our podcast at : en24podcast.blogspot.com

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